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06 Ankara

TCDD Losses According to the TCA Report

The Court of Accounts also identified significant irregularities in the accounts of TCDD, which has been on the agenda with accidents in recent years. Based on the exchange rate of nine years ago, the institution receives TL 72 million loss [more…]

Commuter Trains

TCDD Adapazarı Expresses Adapazarı Gara Sokmalı

It was said that Adapazarı Express should be inserted from the United Transport Employees Union in a way that will not bring Halal TCDD Adapazarı Express to the Mission and Vision of the Organization! BTS's statement is as follows; Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality on 12.03.2018 [more…]

86 China

Investment from China to Kars

From China, the Kars Investment Subtraction: Caucasus University (KAU) Continuing Education Application and Research Center Directorate, Turkey - China due to the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations, China [more…]