ankara garina blue tie fitted
06 Ankara

Blue Tie Worn on Ankara Station

The activities of the Blue Tie Project, which was prepared by the Turkish Medical Oncology Association with the aim of drawing attention to prostate cancer, began with the giant blue tie hanging on the Ankara Station. 17-20 will be held from October to October 2019 [more…]

tcdd's historical building in ankara is not sold
06 Ankara

TCDD's Historical Building in Ankara

TCDD's historic building in Ankara was given to Medipol University, which was founded by the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca. Is this only a matter of rent? When we look at the attacks on the structures bearing the spatial traces of our Republic, [more…]

yht accident after the tcdd ankara garinda new system established
06 Ankara

TCDD Founded a New System in Ankara Gar

Three days after the accident in which 9 people died as a result of the high-speed train going from Ankara to Konya entering the wrong switch, TCDD established a new system at Ankara Station. According to the news of Eray Görgülü from Hürriyet, [more…]

transport and infrastructure ministry cahit turhandan on the train accident 2
06 Ankara

Minister Turhan, YHT Accident Report Found

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan, regarding the accident that occurred as a result of the head-on collision of the High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) and the locomotive in Ankara, "A total of 9 citizens lost their lives as a result of this accident." [more…]

izmir blue train coming to ankaraya
06 Ankara

Izmir Blue Train Coming to Ankara

Izmir Blue Train, which is operated by TCDD Transportation and which is the indispensable of the journeys between Central Anatolia and Aegean, starts to move from 15 to 2018 every day from Ankara Station every day since November 20.00. [more…]

06 Ankara

Mayor Cankesen Visited TCDD Ankara Station

Can Cankesen, the Chairman of the Transportation Officer-Sen, Mehmet Yıldırım, the Vice President, Erkan Güler, Branch President of Ankara 1 and members of the branch board of directors, visited our members and employees at TCDD Ankara Station [more…]

06 Ankara

Call from BTS to Protect Ankara Station!

An activity was held in front of Ankara Station by Capital Solidarity, which included many non-governmental organizations, under the leadership of the United Transport Workers Union and Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch. Unified Transportation [more…]