asphalt shifts in the daily ban on the street in the capital city
06 Ankara

2/7 Asphalt Shed for 24-Day Curfew in the Capital

Within the scope of the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality worked on asphalt 2/7 during the 24-day curfew declared in the capital city at the weekend. From Altındağ to Çankaya, from Etimesgut to Yenimahalle, the teams of the Department of Science Affairs, which carried out asphalt work in exactly 52 points of the city, brought 2 thousand tons of asphalt together with the Başkent roads in 13 days. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, now routinely within the scope of the fight against coronavirus [more…]

Make-up for schools and upper gates in Ankara
06 Ankara

Makeup for Schools and Overpasses in Ankara

While Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its infrastructure works, it also continues its works that beautify the city and prioritize urban aesthetics. Within the scope of the protocol signed with the Ministry of National Education of the Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out work on the overpasses that require maintenance, repair and painting in the center and districts, free maintenance and renovation works in schools, sports fields and playgrounds are painted. [more…]

special april celebration for big city kids from big city
06 Ankara

23rd April Celebration for Metropolitan Children

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has prepared a special celebration program for the little ones from the Capital, who will spend the "23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day" at home this year due to the curfew. While the boulevards and streets of the city are decorated with Turkish flags and billboards, the Metropolitan Municipality, which invites all the children with their families to the balconies on Thursday, April 23, with open-top sightseeing vehicles decorated with balloons. [more…]

April celebration in the capital will go to the feet of the children
06 Ankara

April 23 Celebration Will Go To Children In The Capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has prepared a different celebration program for “April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day” this year. The Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Social Affairs Department, which invited the children from the capital, who could not leave their houses due to the coronavirus epidemic on April 23, to their balconies on April XNUMX, will go to the district district with open-top sightseeing vehicles and will carry a celebration full of animation shows accompanied by children's songs. [more…]

Arrangement of bus routes for healthcare workers in Ankara
06 Ankara

EGO Regulated Bus Routes for Healthcare Professionals

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate has made arrangements on bus routes so that health workers struggling with the coronavirus epidemic do not have problems in transportation to their places of duty. EGO General Directorate placed special services and additional stops on some lines upon the request of healthcare professionals, and shortened the transportation process to the City Hospital by reducing the number of transfers. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality health workers' workplaces [more…]

ego buses started to provide full capacity service on all lines
06 Ankara

EGO Buses at Full Capacity Ankara Service

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate has made a new arrangement in the service hours of public transportation vehicles. While the winter service program was started on buses, EGO buses started to serve at full capacity on all lines. Metro and ANKARAY will run every 7 minutes during peak hours on weekdays, and every 15 minutes during the remaining hours. EGO General Directorate; EGO Buses, Private Public Buses [more…]

asphalt season opened in Ankara
06 Ankara

Asphalt Season Opened in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its road construction and asphalt works without slowing down. With the opening of the asphalt season, asphalt paving, road widening and line works were accelerated at many points in the capital. Metropolitan Municipality Science Affairs Department teams; It carries out intensive asphalt and new road paving works in Çankaya, Elmadağ and Kahramankazan. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, asphalt in all districts of the capital [more…]

cash income support for president ota oho and dolmuscu tradesmen
06 Ankara

Cash Income Support for ÖTA, ÖHO and Dolmuş Tradesmen from Mayor Yavaş

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş provides support to those in need from all professions and age groups living in the Capital. Continuing to provide food and cash aid from tradesmen who lost their jobs to citizens who lost their jobs, Mayor Yavaş announced that they will support the private public buses and private public transportation vehicles, which are suffering due to the decrease in the use of public transportation vehicles. Social media [more…]

Virtual exhibition for art lovers who cannot leave their homes in Ankara
06 Ankara

'Virtual Exhibition' for Art Lovers Who Can't Leave Their Homes in Ankara

Cultural and artistic activities were temporarily suspended in Ankara due to the coronavirus epidemic. Metropolitan Municipality Department of Culture and Social Affairs launched a new service for art lovers who stay at home with the call to "Stay at Home". The works of artists who are members of the Ankara Women Painters Association began to be exhibited on the website of the Metropolitan Municipality. The global coronavirus epidemic, as well as in the whole world, is a cultural [more…]

citizens coming from katar moved to quarantine zone with ego buses
06 Ankara

Citizens from Qatar Moved to Quarantine Zone by EGO Buses

As part of the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, upon the request of the Ankara Governor's Office, 7 Turkish citizens from Qatar were taken to Aksaray, which is a quarantine zone, by buses of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate on April 2020, 360. Passengers, all Turkish citizens, who were taken from Esenboğa Airport on April 15, 7, by 2020 articulated buses belonging to the EGO General Directorate, were taken to Aksaray. Here [more…]

ego buses to protect your social distance have been placed
06 Ankara

EGO Buses Protect Your Social Distance Are Placed

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to raise awareness by taking new measures in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. AŞTİ, municipal service buildings, markets and elevators, especially inside the public transportation vehicles and distributed to the markets with the "keep your distance" stickers, the Metropolitan Municipality, warning the citizens of the capital, now "keep your distance for your health, leave the seat empty" stickers on the seats of EGO buses to maintain social distance. [more…]

Uninterrupted hygiene in Ankara metro and Ankara wagons
06 Ankara

Uninterrupted Hygiene in Ankara Metro and Ankaray Wagons

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has maximized the hygiene measures taken in Metro and ANKARAY as part of the fight against coronavirus. From now on, Metro and ANKARAY wagons will be cleaned with special disinfectant products produced by ASKİ after each trip. While cleaning and disinfection works continue 7/24 all over the capital, new measures are also being implemented. Healthier, cleaner and healthier citizens using Rail Systems. [more…]

Public transport cards of young people under the age of Ankara were canceled
06 Ankara

Public Transportation Cards of Young People Under 20 In Ankara Has Been Canceled

Public Transportation Cards of Young People Under 20 Have Been Canceled in Ankara; Ankara Metropolitan Municipality reported that passenger cards under the age of 20 are temporarily closed for use in public transportation vehicles, within the scope of coronavirus measures. Within the scope of the corona virus measures, the Metropolitan Municipality, which took action after the ban on the citizens over the age of 65, as well as the youth under the age of 20, from going out on the street. [more…]

President is one more transportation from the slow to the students
06 Ankara

Another Ease of Transportation for Students from President Yavaş

A new one has been added to the student-friendly applications of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş announced that, upon the request from students, the student subscription card application of 60 rides for 200 TL, after the public transportation vehicles belonging to EGO, is also valid for Private Public Buses and Private Public Transportation vehicles as of April 1. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, EGO General Directorate [more…]

The use of public transportation vehicles in Ankara decreased by XNUMX percent
06 Ankara

Number of Passengers Using Public Transport in Ankara Decreased by 84 Percent

Due to the coronavirus epidemic that affected the whole world, the people of the Capital gave heed to the call of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş to “Stay at HomeAnkara”. The number of citizens using public transportation vehicles decreased by 84 percent. While the total number of passengers was 2 million 1 thousand 696 on March 595, this number decreased to 27 thousand 271 on March 782. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, with the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic [more…]

Turkish citizen from us was brought to the quarantine zone with ego buses
06 Ankara

241 Turkish Citizens Coming From The USA Taken To The Quarantine Zone By EGO Buses

As part of the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, at the request of the Ankara Governor's Office, 28 Turkish citizens, who came from New York on 2020 March 241, were taken to Kastamonu, which is a quarantine zone, by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO buses. Passengers, all Turkish citizens, who were taken from Esenboğa Airport by ten articulated buses belonging to the General Directorate of EGO, set off to be taken to Kastamonu. Students will be placed in dormitories here. [more…]

Awareness warning with asthma
06 Ankara

Awareness Warning with Protect Your Distance Stickers in AŞTİ

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to warn citizens by taking new measures in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. With the new application launched in the capital, 'keep your distance' stickers were placed on the service buildings of the Metropolitan Municipality, especially AŞTİ. Stating that they have started to distribute stimulant “stickers” to the markets, Metropolitan Municipality Police Department Head Mustafa Koç said that citizens should raise awareness for their own health and for the health of others. [more…]

the use of satellite public transport in the capital city evdekal call important dust
06 Ankara

Satellite Calls by Capitals to Call at Home ... Use of Public Transport Has Decreased Significantly

Due to the Coronavirus (Covid19) epidemic, which has affected the whole world, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has also increased its measures since March. The Metropolitan Municipality, which frequently warns citizens against the risk of epidemic for public health and implements the precautionary packages one after the other, temporarily suspended the cable car service, and suspended the use of free cards for citizens aged 65 and over. Ankara Metropolitan [more…]

Fight against coronavirus epidemic in Ankara continues without slowing down
06 Ankara

The Fight Against Coronavirus Outbreak in Ankara Continues Without Slowing Down

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its fight against the coronavirus epidemic without interruption. Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş said that they will support the citizens aged 65 and over, for whom he called "Stay at Home", with their needs after the curfew. Addressing citizens aged 65 and over through their social media accounts, Mayor Yavaş said that they hired a motorcycle courier to work in 17 markets and branches. [more…]

New precautions for coronavirus are in Ankara
06 Ankara

New Measures for Coronavirus in Effect in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to take measures within the scope of combating the coronavirus. With the instruction of Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, new cautionary decisions were put into effect. Metropolitan, which has been providing cleaning and hygiene services to the Gölbaşı quarantine region since the first day, continues to support human life and cleaning and hygiene materials. To prevent the spread of the epidemic and to protect the health of our citizens over 65 years old. [more…]

Thermal Camera Onron Against Coronal Virus In ASTI
06 Ankara

Thermal Camera Precaution Against Coronavirus in AŞTİ

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to take new measures against the coronavirus epidemic. In this context, thermal cameras were placed at the entrance and exit gates of AŞTİ, which is the common point of thousands of passengers every day, in order to protect public health. While the entrances and exits to Ankara Intercity Bus Enterprise were started to be provided from only 2 doors, the passenger drop off and embarkation points at 4 points were also cancelled. Big city [more…]

ego buses, air conditioning system will be closed in metro and Ankara
06 Ankara

Air Conditioning System Will Be Shut Down In EGO Buses, Metro and ANKARAY

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş frequently warns citizens through his social media accounts as part of the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. Noting that there has been an increase in the number of passengers over the age of 65 using public transportation in recent days, Mayor Yavaş made a call to "Stay at home until these difficult days pass". Addressing both young and old citizens, Mayor Yavaş said, [more…]

Free transportation of citizens aged and over in the capital was suspended
06 Ankara

Free Transportation for Citizens 65 Years and Over in the Capital Has Been Suspended ..!

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality announced that the free use of all public transportation vehicles for citizens aged 65 and over has been temporarily suspended. The statement made by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality said: “As it is known, starting from the city of Wuhan in China, it continues to threaten the world and is described as a "pandemic" by the World Health Organization, in order to protect our citizens from the Covid-19 (coronavirus) epidemic and to prevent the spread of the epidemic. [more…]

New measures to fight coronavirus in basket
06 Ankara

New Measures in Combating Coronavirus in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its effective struggle in the Capital by taking new measures against the coronavirus epidemic. While Halk Bread Factory maximizes hygiene practices at sales points, especially in the production area, it meticulously carries out the disinfection process in C Plate service vehicles after public transportation vehicles, taxis and minibuses throughout the city, especially in public institutions and organizations. Ankara [more…]

Cable car stopped in Ankara due to corana virus
06 Ankara

Yenimahalle-Şentepe Cable Car Line Has Been Temporarily Closed Under Coronavirus Measures!

Transportation by Cable Car Suspended in Ankara Due to Corana Virus!; After the corona virus, which emerged in Wuhan, China, strict measures began to be taken in Ankara. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş made a statement on his social media account, “We temporarily closed our cable car line due to the decrease in the number of daily passengers and the cabins are not suitable for maintaining social distance. using the expressions [more…]