Anıtpark Square at night

Night operation at Anıtpark Square: A new arrangement was made late at night at the roundabout at Anıtpark Square where the tramway construction will pass. ROTARY JUNCTION LEFT At Anıtpark Roundabout in front of the entrance of Thursday Market [more…]


Akçaray breaks down Bar Street

Akçaray will demolish Bar Street: The Tmarvay Project called 'Akçaray', which is among the election promises of KOCAELİ Metropolitan Municipality before the 30 March local elections and planned to be built to ease urban transportation [more…]


Izmit tram project lags behind given date

Izmit tram project lags behind the given date: Before the local elections, the tram project which came to the agenda with the connection of the electric cable was behind the announced schedule. Among the AKP's election promises, but for years [more…]


If Izmit Tram Line Passing Through the Walkway

If Izmit Tram Line Will Pass Through the Walking Road, Don't Do It: The November meeting of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Council will be held today. There is an important issue on the agenda of today's meeting. For the construction of the Metropolitan Municipality Izmit Tram Project, Provinces [more…]