34 Istanbul

The wealth of Haydarpasha

The richness of Haydarpaşa: Every stone that raises the 105-year-old Haydarpaşa Railway Station, which seems to have been abandoned despite its majesty, has historical significance. Everything from the platforms to the pier was finely constructed. Inside [more…]


Railway to Muttalip Cemetery in Eskisehir

Railway to Muttalip Cemetery in Eskişehir The railway adventure of the Germans in the Ottoman lands begins with the acquisition of the Anatolian Railway privilege. Eskişehir station of the Anatolian Railway was a complete crossroads. Eskişehir is 313 km from Haydarpaşa, to Ankara [more…]


Ask the Man 10. Year Anthem

We have come to these days as a generation that enlarges our teachers and elders in our eyes, does not defect respect and love, and adopts them as idols. We have glorified them so and considered to be spiritually inaccessible [more…]