Intercity Railways

Action Time for Island Express

The United Transport Employees Union (BTS) Istanbul Branch No. 1 affiliated to KESK will make a press statement in Adapazarı tomorrow to support the Sakarya residents who want the Ada Express to come to the central station and the Adaray flights to be resumed. [more…]


New line arrives in Arifiye

Speaking after the meeting in Arifiye, Deputy Secretary General Oktar said, dık We have decided to start a new line from the Railway Station, Arifiye District Center in order to meet the demands of our citizens. Our students have one way to campus [more…]


Commuter flights will not affect ADARAY flights

The start of suburban services will not affect ADARAY flights: The suburban train, which was stopped within the scope of High Speed ​​​​Train works between Ankara and Istanbul, will start to serve again. General Manager of the Republic of Turkey State Railways Süleyman Karaman, Adapazarı-Haydarpaşa line [more…]


ADARAY Expeditions Will Start Shortly

ADARAY Expeditions Will Begin in a Short Time: In the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality regarding the flights of ADARAY, which provides service between Adapazarı and Arifiye, due to the high-speed train works carried out by TCDD, the Metropolitan Municipality said that the issue was meticulously [more…]


Adaray Flight Hours

Adaray Timetable: Interest in the City Rail System Application (ADARAY), implemented by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, is increasing day by day. Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head İsmail Yolcu, 'ADARAY flights [more…]


Adaray Passenger Number Increases

Increasing the number of passengers Adaray: Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Urban Rail System Application (ADARAY) flights, the interest of citizens is increasing day by day. Citizens who prefer ADARAY implemented by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality [more…]


Adaray Begins Paid Flights

Adaray starts its paid flights: Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality City Rail System (ADARAY), 17 will start normal flights starting from June to Monday. Metropolitan Municipality Smart Card Application (Card 54) is valid in ADARAY [more…]


Pauses Preparing OK ADARAY

Stops OK ADARAY Preparing The stations built between Adapazarı and Arifiye are completed within the scope of the Urban Rail System works implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality. ADARAY [more…]


ADARAYda can travel by bicycle

The stations built between Adapazarı and Arifiye are completed within the scope of Urban Railway System implemented by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, which can be traveled by bicycle in ADARAY, and train sets are being prepared for the day when the flights will start at TÜVASAŞ. [more…]


ADARAY Flights Starting Soon | Sakarya

ADARAY Expeditions Coming Soon Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality completed the stations built between Adapazarı and Arifiye within the scope of Urban Light Rail System Project. train sets will be used in the project Adaray Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. ' [more…]