bolulu citizens wants yht
14 Bolu

Bolu High Speed ​​Train

High Speed ​​Train, which has been planned for years, has come up once again. Citizens of Bolulu once again on the agenda of our city and the YHT line to pass this time this train not to be missed [more…]

Improvements in transportation services for disabled people
06 Ankara

Improvements in Transport Services for Disabled People

Improvements are made in the Transportation Services of the Disabled; Minister Turhan, in the second step of the "Let's Listen to Our Children, Change Their Lives Project", realized within the scope of the goal of "handicapped transportation, barrier-free tourism, barrier-free life", provided high-speed trains for 20 individuals with special needs. [more…]

istanbul konya high speed railway
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Konya High Speed ​​Railway

The Istanbul-Konya high-speed train line is a double-track, electrified, signaled YHT line that starts from Istanbul and leaves the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed railway in Polatlı and extends to Konya. Independent of the Ankara-Konya and Ankara-Eskişehir lines, which are open for operation, 2013 [more…]

tcdd did not carry sacrificial meat
06 Ankara

TCDD did not carry sacrificial meat

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), which sent a mass message to its passengers traveling during the Eid al-Adha, did not allow the transportation of meat and sacrificial materials on High Speed ​​Trains. According to the news of Serkan Alan from the newspaper Wall; [more…]

minister turhan railways have made billion TL investment
34 Istanbul

Minister Turhan: '133 Billion TL Investment in Railways'

Minister Turhan, in his speech at the Istanbul Chamber of Industry's (July) Ordinary Assembly Meeting in July, under the title of top the importance of communication, transportation, infrastructure and projects, one of the most fundamental elements of the economy, in terms of global competition and our industry ”. [more…]

Feast of Sacrifice for YHT Campaigns
06 Ankara

Feast of Sacrifice for YHT Campaigns

Organization of Feast of Sacrifice for YHT Expedition: Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, said that citizens who want to travel by train due to the Feast of Sacrifice are not victims and to meet the demand of passengers [more…]

The tcddde trains were fast and the wagons were in class
06 Ankara

Trains at TCDD Fast Food Wagons Left in Class

State Railways of the Republic of Turkey, Ankara-Eskisehir between high-speed train (YHT) campaigns on the 2009, and the time between Eskisehir-Istanbul began xnumx't. Occasional accidents on the line from time to time, from time to time for men and women passengers [more…]