minister turhan railways have made billion TL investment
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Minister Turhan: '133 Billion TL Investment in Railways'

Minister Turhan, in his speech at the Istanbul Chamber of Industry's (July) Ordinary Assembly Meeting in July, under the title of top the importance of communication, transportation, infrastructure and projects, one of the most fundamental elements of the economy, in terms of global competition and our industry ”. [more…]

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The last stage of the Canal Istanbul Project

Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, has reached the final stage for the Kanal Istanbul Project: “The tender for the survey, project and engineering services of the 3-Storey Great Istanbul Tunnel Project was awarded to Yüksel, one of the major consultancy companies in Turkey. [more…]


The first steel decks placed on the 3rd bridge

The first steel decks were placed on the 3rd bridge: The 2013rd bridge, the construction of which started in 3, with a cost of 3 billion dollars, and the 3rd bridge of the Northern Marmara Highway project, 318 meters from the foundation on the Anatolian side, on the European side [more…]

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Opening with Cisr-i Enbubi to Marmaraya

The opening of Marmaray with Cisr-i Enbubi: With the opening of Marmaray, the "project of the century", the countdown of which has begun, Sultan Abdülhamit's dream of connecting the Bosphorus to each other under the sea will also come true. Abdülhamid's work hard to build and the world's [more…]


Unknown Aspects of Railroads

Mehmet Aycı, who became a famous train writer among train lovers with his book "Serkisof Will Be My Fellow", includes unknown details about the railway in his new book "After Shimendifer". Mehmet, who has published more than 20 books to date, [more…]