Bolu Mountain Tunnel
14 Bolu

About Bolu Mountain Tunnel

About Bolu Mountain Tunnel; The Bolu Mountain Tunnel starts at the 30th kilometer of the Gümüşova-Gerede highway, at Kaynakşli, runs along the Asarsuyu Valley in the east direction, passes the Bolu Mountain in a tunnel and ends at the Yumrukaya area. [more…]

Bolu Mountain Tunnel to be Closed to Traffic
14 Bolu

Bolu Mountain Tunnel to be Closed to Traffic

Bolu Mountain Tunnel to be Closed to Traffic; It has been reported that the Bolu Mountain Tunnel, located on the Anatolian Highway, will be closed to traffic between 14.00-15.30 tomorrow. In the statement made by the governor's office; “Taken from the 4th Regional Directorate of Highways [more…]

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14 Bolu

Kaynasli Bolu Mountain Tunnel Break 20 Day Closed

Between the Bolu Mountain Tunnel of the Anatolian Highway and Kaynaşlı, the direction of Istanbul was closed to traffic for 20 days. In the statement made by the Bolu Governor's Office, it was reported that the broken joints of the highway between Kaynaşlı and Bolu Tunnel will be renewed. Anatolia [more…]

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Intercity Railways

Winter Preparations in Railways

​The road network of 67 kilometers in Turkey is monitored instantly, 898 hours a day, 7 days a week with cameras and information systems at the Snow Fighting Center opened by the General Directorate of Highways. Cahit, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure [more…]


Bolu Mountain Tunnel Access Is Closed

Bolu Mountain Tunnel Closed to Transportation: The Ankara direction of the Bolu Mountain pass of the TEM Highway and the Ankara direction of the Bolu Mountain pass of the D-100 highway have been closed to transportation. Ankara direction of Bolu Mountain pass of TEM Highway [more…]


Snow Affects Transportation in Bolu Mountain

Snow Affects Transportation in Bolu Mountain: The snowfall affected the transportation between Bolu Mountain and Bolu and Ankara. As a result of the snow shoveling and salting works of the Highways, the road was kept open for transportation, due to snowfall. [more…]


Bolu Mountain Tunnel Cleaning

Clean in Bolu Mountain Tunnel: BOLU Mountain Tunnel was cleaned by closing the transportation at night, and washed and cleaned everywhere from asphalt road to lamps, walls and dome. Highways are one of the most important crossing points between Ankara and Istanbul. [more…]

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Marmaray Generali under insurance

Marmaray Generali is under insurance guarantee: CR3 Gebze, the main vein of Marmaray, which is the Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing projectHalkalı Suburban lines are insured by Generali Insurance with 50 percent of the coinsurance. 150 years in Turkey [more…]