Is the high-speed train coming?

Whether the high-speed train will come or not: In order to understand why Turkey is falling behind, even just looking at the railways can give a serious idea. A Turkey that is late to the age of the railway will pay for this [more…]

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Logistics Need for Logistics in Istanbul 20

The logistics search conference titled Merkez Logistics Center Concept and Logistics Center Regions of Istanbul X was held on May 21 in Istanbul University Faculty of Political Sciences Meeting Room. Istanbul University and International Transportation and [more…]

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3.Havranan tender brought local partnership victory

The domestic partnership brought the victory in the 3rd Airport tender. Turkey is talking about the 'Super 5'. The 3 members of the group that will build the 4rd airport are from Ankara. All of them are experts in infrastructure and construction. Limak and MNG are also experienced in aviation. to the team [more…]

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Railway to the airport

Zafer Airport rail system Minister Eroglu, Zafer Regional Airport, "the airport will be transported by passengers, as well as the transport of local products abroad will be provided by contributing to exports," he said. Forest [more…]