Gebze Halkalı Marmaray Stops and Shuttle Hours
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150 Million Euro Additional Credit to Marmaray

The Undersecretariat of Treasury and the European Investment Bank signed a loan agreement worth € 150 million to finance the subproject under the Marmaray Project. The announcement of the agreement is announced on the website of the Undersecretariat of Treasury. [more…]

06 Ankara

Regulation on Non-Transferable Metro Revenues

Regulation to the Revenues of the Metro with No Transfer of Ownership: In the event that the metro lines in Istanbul and Ankara are commissioned without transfer of ownership and income is obtained, the acquiring organization will transfer 15 percent of the revenue to the accounts of the Undersecretariat of Treasury. [more…]

06 Ankara

Proposal to reduce price in High Speed ​​Train

The proposal to reduce the price on the High-Speed ​​Train: The Treasury, which prepares a report on High-Speed ​​Trains, suggested that the speed between Ankara and Istanbul be increased to 300 km and the price should be reduced to a competitive level by road. Prepared by the Undersecretariat of Treasury [more…]


State guarantee for giant projects

State guarantee for giant projects: Build-operate-transfer projects with a minimum investment amount of over 1 billion liras and a Treasury guarantee for project debts of more than 500 million dollars executed by the Ministry of Health and Education [more…]

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Japan Increases Marmaray Credit

Japan Increases Marmaray Credit: In order to meet the additional financing needs of the Marmaray Project-Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing Section, the financing amount obtained from the Japan International Cooperation Agency with the loan agreement dated 2005 was increased. Treasure [more…]

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6 new Fast Train Set between Konya and Ankara

It has been reported that the agreements regarding three loans with a total amount of 554 million dollars obtained from the Islamic Development Bank were signed on April 37, 4 during the 2012th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the Islamic Development Bank. [more…]