Prohibition of going out on bus routes in Trabzon
61 Trabzon

Curfew Setting on Bus Flights in Trabzon

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality will take bus services at specified times during the curfew, which will start from this night and last for 2 days, in order to provide access to healthcare workers and employees who are exempted by the circular. [more…]

airport quality concrete road was built to the plateaus
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Airport Quality Concrete Road was Built in Trabzon

Airport Quality Concrete Road was Built to the Highlands in Trabzon; Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities within the scope of the Yesilyol Project, which aims to connect the highlands of the Eastern Black Sea. Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department [more…]

trabzonda cable car project is canceled
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Is The Cable Car Project Canceled In Trabzon?

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Meeting today was held in the council meeting hall under the chairmanship of Deputy Mayor Atilla Ataman. According to the court decision of the ropeway project planned to be made by the Metropolitan Municipality from Trabzon to Boztepe in Trabzon [more…]

ease of free transportation
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Free Access to YKS in Trabzon

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, 15 June Saturday and 16 June Sunday will be held by OSYM Higher Education Institutions Examination (YKS) therefore all the public transportation services throughout the province went to organize. Greater Transportation [more…]

to visit sumela monastery
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Sumela Monastery Opened to Visit

Sumela Monastery of Turkey's most important tourism center was opened to visitors in the first place. Nadir Alpaslan, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, and the restoration of Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Minister of Culture and Tourism [more…]

trabzon new bus for mass transportation
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20 New Bus to Trabzon Mass Transit

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, the public transport fleet 20 to strengthen the new bus took the decision of parliament. It was unanimously decided to take 20 new bus at the session of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]

trabzonda bus service is given fire training
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Fire Training for Bus Drivers in Trabzon

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation bus drivers are given fire training. To take precautions against fires in the trainings given by the Fire Department of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, what should be done in case of fire, [more…]


Tradition in Trabzon

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, the traditional public holidays to be free of municipal buses on this application will continue this year. Metropolitan Municipality will carry the citizens free of charge on all lines during the feast. Special public buses [more…]

Asphalt News

Road Mobilization Continues in Full Speed ​​in Trabzon

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, continues to mobilize across the province. In the year of 2018, the works of the Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its activities with the target of laying 400 thousand tons of asphalt on neighborhood roads, are appreciated by the residents of the neighborhood. Yomra [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Mobilization in Trabzon

Opening the 2018 year asphalt season with the goal of 400 thousand tons of asphalt paving, Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality laid 19 thousand tons of asphalt on neighborhood roads as of June. All the asphalt they lay on the neighborhood roads [more…]


Trabzon Light Rail System Project in Ministry of Transport

When the Light Rail System Project, which is planned to be built in Trabzon, could not be started, the realization of the budget rate remained at 55.… Mayor Gümrükçüoğlu stated that the project is being carried out through the General Directorate of Infrastructure of the Ministry of Transportation. Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, [more…]