Steamer Musicians continue to choose
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Steamboat Musicians Selections Continue

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) City Lines Inc. continues to add new ones to its ferry musicians. The performances of the musicians in the musician pool after the applications made through the White Table in the competition organized to increase the quality of the music on the ferries. [more…]

steamer musicians are chosen
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Steamboat Musicians Selected

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) City Lines Inc. chooses the ferry musicians. City Lines, which went to a new arrangement to make better quality music performance on ferries, created a jury to identify steamer musicians. [more…]

Percentage hike was made in Istanbul for transportation
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35 Percent Hike Decision Has Been Made in Istanbul

The Union of Chambers of Craftsmen and Artisans in Istanbul announced that a 35 percent hike decision was made in Istanbul. The hike is expected to come into force after the signature of the relevant authorities. Transportation Coordination at the Disaster Coordination Center of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

metro istanbul staff both enjoyed and learned
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Metro Istanbul Staff Have Fun And Learned

Metro Istanbul Esenler Regional Operations Directorate, which aims to provide training to its employees while having a pleasant time at an intensive business pace, organized a quiz. Metro Istanbul's Esenler District, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) [more…]

tem metris breakout junction opens
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TEM Metris Bridge Interchange Opens

IMM completed the construction of the bridge crossroads and side roads that will ease the Metris traffic, which is one of the key points of Istanbul. The junction that will be opened by İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu on February 5, will go to Sultangazi and Arnavutköy from Edirne direction. [more…]