korfez transport expands its railway fleet
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Gulf Transportation Expands Railway Fleet

Tüpraş's subsidiary, Körfez Transportation A.Ş., operating in the field of railway transportation, has received five diesel-electric PowerHaul® series locomotives produced within the scope of TÜLOMSAŞ - Wabtec cooperation. New locomotives with superior efficiency, reliability [more…]


Tüpraş Continues Recruitment

Vocational High Schools, Industrial Vocational High School, Anatolian Vocational High School, Technical High School, Anatolian Technical High School and Multi-Program High Schools; Electricity, Electric-Electronics, Electronics, Electronic Communication, [more…]


Kardemir Keeps Its Position in ISO Ranking

Kardemir Retained Its Place in the ISO Ranking: According to the "Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises 2016 Research" prepared by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Kardemir ranked 2th in sales from production with 308 Billion 34 Million Turkish Liras. [more…]


Description of the sale of rail from Kardemir

Description of rail sales from Kardemir: Kardemir made a statement regarding the rail sales agreement negotiated with Iran, which will amount to 80 million euros. Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, announced that there will be a meeting with Iran. [more…]

Asphalt News

Grant asphalt remained in another spring

Grant asphalt was left to another spring: Municipal Co-Mayor Sabri Özdemir stated that TÜPRAŞ did not respond positively to grant asphalt requests and said, “TPAO has not yet returned to our request. We expect positive news from TPAO ”. MUNICIPALITY, GRANT WAITING ASPHALT [more…]


Highway Reaches Menemen in August

Motorway Reaches Menemen in August: The highway that connects İZMİR to Aliağa, where Tüpraş and Petkim are located, as well as Çandarlı Port, which is under construction and extending to Çanakkale, turned into torture. İzmir- Ayvalık [more…]


TÜLOMSAŞ's teachings

The contractor not only for Turkey is a very important industry organizations to Eskisehir. Yesterday you saw in our newspaper, Export Magazine, TÜLOMSAŞ's activities by doing a very extensive study was subject to the magazine. The magazine also [more…]


The orders of the colonial governors

Year 1996. The World Bank 'report on Turkey' is preparing instructions by name. They're giving it to the government of the time. But they're not content with sending. 'We're the governor' palms in, they come to Turkey, in Ankara instructions're not telling authorities they face. 'Master and commander [more…]