smart city bursaya corporate identity
16 Bursa

Corporate Identity for Smart City Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of restructuring work towards enhancing the quality of life of citizens and solving the city's problems is a first in Turkey 'Intelligent Urbanization and Innovation Department has founded. Intelligent Urbanism [more…]


Safe tractor operation in Bayramic

Safe tractor driving activity in Bayramiç: traktör Safe tractor driving ”activity was organized in Bayramiç district of Çanakkale. Interior, Food, Agriculture and Livestock, National Education, Health, Transportation, Maritime and Communication Ministries and Gendarmerie General Command, Highways [more…]


Driving license expires

Driver's license expiration date: Tepeköy Driver Course Director Gül Göllücelioğlu, the Ministry of Interior 'Highways Traffic Regulation' will make significant changes to the work on the bill said that the final stage, [more…]

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SPE Consulting Engineering Construction

SPE, health, education, tourism, industry, office, housing, social facilities etc. general layout planning for various purpose buildings and facilities, architectural, structural, electro-mechanical, landscape, infrastructure and connection roads, [more…]