Our MPs Call for Raybüs?

Can MPs Call For Bus? Mr. Deputies, will work between Karabük-Kurşunlu, RAYBUS for the General Directorate of TCDD by phone, will tell the demands of the Karabuk? Former Zonguldak MP, Minister of Transport, born in Zonguldak-Devrek, [more…]

Intercity Railways

Container Ports of Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

20 in Freight Transportation. Since the second half of the century, the concept and application has undergone a serious change, speed, economy, security parameters that respond well to the unitized freight transport systems become the priority choice of the sector [more…]

Logistic support from bebka to Bursa industry
16 Bursa

Logistics Support to Bursa Industry from BEBKA

Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA) will be the first in Bursa Logistics Village Project for the feasibility studies of Bursa Industrialists and Businessmen Association (BUSİAD) Direct Activity Support Program within the scope of 72 thousand TL [more…]


Rail Systems Workshop in Karabük

by Karabuk University “1. International Rail Systems Engineering Workshop” Prof. Dr. While the workshop was held at Bektaş Açıkgöz Conference Hall; Karabük Governor İzzettin Küçük, Kastamonu Governor Erdoğan Bektaş, General Manager of State Railways [more…]

Intercity Railways

Arkas Group builds 1000 wagon fleet on railway

Arkas Group, the ambitious player of local and international maritime transport, has decided to expand its business in the field of railway transport, which has been initiated with the liberalization process. Transfer of cargo in Anatolia, especially Marmaray project and connection points [more…]


Transportation Stalemate in Turkey

In the recent period, the transportation of passenger and freight transportation to a large extent complement each other fast, economic and safe transportation, combined, intermodal, multimodal systems to benefit from; In this system, if necessary highway, railway, maritime, airline [more…]


Railway reality

Importance of transportation in the Demiryolu Railway Truth Report in Transportation açıklan announced by TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, Ottoman Period, the first period of the Republic, the current situation in Turkish railways with statistics from 1950 to the present day, the story of “accelerated train,, [more…]

34 Istanbul

Istanbul 2023 vision: Rail systems

Istanbul will have a rail system network of 2023 km in 641. While the share of the rail system in public transportation will be increased to 72.7 percent, the share of rubber-tyred systems will decrease to 26.5 percent. An important global agenda [more…]


The 'free railway' comes with innovations.

In the 2012 Program, ”restructuring of TCDD and railway sector for the transition to private sector train operations on railways yer took place. Actions to be taken according to the Ninth Development Plan covering the 2007-2013 Period, annual programs [more…]