Sapanca cable car project continues from where it left off
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Sapanca Cable Car Project Continues From Where It Left

Work at the cable car station in Sapanca Kırkpınar, which had stopped for a while, started again this morning. While concrete is pouring on the construction site, the people of the region are angry… Sapanca Kırkpınar Hasanpaşa Neighborhood, which has been discussed for a long time and [more…]

All details about the Sapanca cable car project
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All Details about the Sapanca Cable Car Project

The ropeway project, which will be implemented in Sapanca district, comes to the fore with reactions to the work. So what is the Sapanca cable car project that causes reactions? It will start from Kırkpınar in Sapanca district and extend to Mahmudiye at the end of the 1,5-kilometer line. [more…]

ropeway resistance of women with sling
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Cable Car Resistance of Sapanca Women

Cable Car Resistance of Sapanca Women; Starting from the Kırkpınar neighborhood, the ropeway project reaches 1400 meters and reaches the forested area of ​​Mahmudiye İncebel. More than 500 trees will be replaced for the project. Some trees [more…]

cable car tension in the city council of sapanca
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Cable Car Tension in Sapanca Municipal Council

The residents of Hasanpaşa Mahallesi, who watched the City Council meeting, protested the MHP members, who abstained from the vote of the motion to stop the cable car project. According to the news of Netgaste, at the meeting of Sapanca City Council today, CHP [more…]

imamoglu met with the sapanca people in the cable car nobet
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İmamoğlu met with the people of Sapanca

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu Bolu Municipality met with the citizens who stood guard against the cable car line to be built in Sapanca before their visit to the Melen Dam and Izmit Metropolitan Municipality. Listening to the demands of the citizens, İmamoğlu said, [more…]

sapanca ropeway project in the big
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The Problem is Great in Sapanca Cable Car Project

The company official visited the CHP criticizing the project and explained the latest situation. Özgümmüş, the official of the Bursa Teleferik, who undertook the construction of the ropeway project against which Kırkpınarlılar opposed the station, said, asa Even if the location of the project plays 1 meters [more…]

the end of the Sapanca cable car project
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Sapanca Cable Car Project Has Ended

Making a statement about the cable car project to be built in Sapanca District of Sakarya, Sapanca Mayor Assoc. Dr. Aydın Yılmazer said, “We have signed the construction license of our project, it will be beneficial for our Sapanca, Sakarya and all our people. [more…]


Sapanca Ropeway Project Cabinets Launched

Sapanca Municipality will be implemented by the cable car project to be used in the project for the purpose of publicity of the cabins to be used by the citizens were examined in the municipal garden. In the cable car project to the garden of Sapanca Municipality for examination by citizens [more…]

sapanca cable car ilker cumbul signature ceremony

Signatures for the Sapanca Ropeway Project

After the completion of the tender process of the Sapanca Teleferic Project, mutual contracts were signed with the related company. After the completion of the tender process of Sapanca Cable Car Project, a contract was signed with the relevant company. Sapanca City Hall [more…]


Bidding in Sapanca Cable Car Project

The tender for the Sapanca Cable Car Project, which is the first in Sakarya, was held. A new impetus to Sapanca tourism kazanThe project, which will be completed, is planned to be completed in 18 months. Tender Commission Chairman Sapanca Mayor [more…]


Sapanca Cable Car Project Approved

Approved for Sapanca Cable Car Project: Approval came from the assembly for the cable car project planned to be built in Sakarya's Sapanca district. The councilors unanimously authorized the municipal company SAPAŞ and the mayor to initiate the work. [more…]