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Fast train Kazan slowed down on the way

In the project of expanding high-speed train services in Russia, the possibility of a step back appeared. According to the media, “Moscow and Kazan speed train line announced to be built between cities KazanIt may never reach.” Russia Iron of Vedomosti newspaper [more…]

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Ukraine - Russia rail services may be stopped

Ukraine – Russia railway services may be stopped: In the news published by Kommersant newspaper, Russia reported that there may be problems in train crossings over Ukraine in summer. Ukraine State Railway Department (Ukrzaliznytsya) sent to the Russian State Railways Department (RJD) [more…]

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Russians want to participate in the railway construction project in Turkey

Russian Railways Administration RJD announced that they want to participate in railway infrastructure projects in Turkey. In the official statement made by the institution, it was noted that there is interest in other railway infrastructure works, including the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line. In the statement, “To be able to participate in railway infrastructure projects in Turkey [more…]