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Train accident in Spain 45 injured

There was a train accident in Madrid, the capital of Spain. According to initial reports, 4 people were injured, 45 seriously. Spanish railway company Renfe said that the accident occurred at 03.37 am local time, about 40 kilometers from the capital Madrid. [more…]

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Competition on rails is heating up

Competition on rails is heating up: the German rail company Deutsche Bahn introduces the new high-speed train model. High-speed trains, which become rivals to air travel, compete not only with speed but also with comfort. Europe [more…]

34 Spain

Cable Theft In Barcelona Affects Train Journey

Cable Theft Affected Train Journey in Barcelona: Theft of train cables in Barcelona, ​​Spain today, negatively affected passengers. In the 60 installations of the Spanish Railways Infrastructure Enterprise ADIF, due to the theft of 3-meter high-voltage cables [more…]

34 Spain

Railway Workers in Spain

Railway Workers on Strike in Spain: Workers protesting the separation decision of the two companies in Spain went on a 4-day strike. Railway workers in Spain protesting the internal separation decision of train companies Renfe and Adif [more…]

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Train Crash in Spain: Black Box Judge (Video)

Train accident in Spain: In the black box judge: The number of people who died in the overturned passenger train in the Galicia region, located in the northwest of Spain, exceeded 80, and nearly 150 passengers were injured, some of them in serious condition. more than 200 [more…]

train accident in spain
34 Spain

Train Crash 77 Dead in Spain

Train accident in Spain: The first information in the investigation started about the accident that occurred when the passenger train making the Madrid-O Ferrol expedition in Spain derailed near the entrance of the Santiago Compostela station in the Galicia region. [more…]