Chester Project

Chester Project: One of the greatest symbols of the Industrial Revolution, the railway entered the Ottoman Empire before many innovations. The first railway within the Ottoman Empire, with the encouragement of the British, Alexandria in Egypt [more…]


Railway lines from Ottoman to present

Railway lines from the Ottomans to the present day: The Hijaz Railway was built by the Ottoman State and all of it was supplied from domestic sources. In a state of “Backward! X, 1900, 1500 km of its own knowledge, people and all from their own resources [more…]

dalaman train station

Single Station

The only station without rails was 20 km from the nearest train connection at the beginning of the 200th century. The first and only station in the world that never stops by trains was built in Dalaman, Muğla. Served as a police station for a period [more…]

34 Istanbul

Tunel-i Bahriden Marmaraya

Tünel-i Bahriden Marmaray: In 1902, where bridge projects across the Bosphorus were on the agenda, new projects in the form of tube crossings were also being prepared. Steel tunnel under the Bosphorus [more…]


Ask the Man 10. Year Anthem

We have come to these days as a generation that enlarges our teachers and elders in our eyes, does not defect respect and love, and adopts them as idols. We have glorified them so and considered to be spiritually inaccessible [more…]


Aegean Region Railways

According to some, the product of the industrial revolution, in another view, is a mode of transportation that triggered the revolution; his adventure, philosophy and potential in our country unfortunately has not been studied except for a few academics and intellectuals. [more…]

Hijab Rail 1
Intercity Railways

Who Made Ottoman Hijaz Railway

The Hejaz Railway, especially in order to strengthen the transportation between Istanbul and the Holy Lands, was the first target to facilitate the transportation of the soldiers to be transported to these regions, and for the pilgrims to go to and from the pilgrimage in a safer way. Ottoman Empire [more…]