A parking lot for 824 vehicles to Üçkuyular Transfer Center
35 Izmir

A parking lot for 824 vehicles to Üçkuyular Transfer Center

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is implementing the transfer center and parking lot project that will give Üçkuyular breathing. From now on, İzmir residents who leave their vehicles to the parking lot will be able to easily go wherever they want by metro, tram, bus or ferry. When Üçkuyular Transfer Center was put into service, 824 [more…]

New funicular line news from imamogl
34 Istanbul

Good News of 5 New Funicular Line from İmamoğlu

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu solved the financial problems and restarted the works on the F4 Rumelihisarüstü-Aşiyan funicular line, which was stopped during the previous administration period. Emphasizing that they have produced projects to bring the people of Istanbul together with the sea, İmamoğlu gave the good news of 5 new lines. "People to the sea [more…]

Virus prevention at a thousand points in Izmir
35 Izmir

Virus Prevention at 120 Thousand Points in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has been continuing its disinfection studies continuously since March to prevent the city from coronavirus epidemic with the least damage. 120 thousand spots, which are open to the public, especially public transportation vehicles, were disinfected. first in Turkey [more…]

Percentage rule in public transportation in Izmir has ended
35 Izmir

50% Rule Ended in Public Transportation in Izmir

İzmir Governorship Provincial Sanitation Board determined the new rules to be followed in public transportation in line with the authority given by the Ministry of Interior and the decisions of the Ministry of Health Science Board. New, more flexible, instead of the "50 percent passenger application" canceled by the Ministry of Interior [more…]

Egodan military student access to candidates to take the exam
06 Ankara

EGO Access to Candidates to Take the Military Student Exam

Due to the National Defense University Military Student Candidate Determination Exam, the EGO General Directorate has completed all the preparations so that the students do not experience problems in transportation before the exam in the morning. In this context, in regions serving the districts and addresses where the exams will be held, [more…]

Critical transportation meeting in Istanbul governorship
34 Istanbul

Critical Transportation Meeting at Istanbul Governorship

Under the coordination of Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya, the Istanbul Public Transportation Science Board and Public Transport Support Commission meeting was held at the Governorship Lale Hall. Members of the Public Transportation Science Board and the Transportation Support Commission, the relevant Governor, attended the meeting chaired by the Governor Yerlikaya. [more…]

izmir's public transport plan is ready for may
35 Izmir

Izmir's Public Transport Plan is Ready for May 1-3

A public transportation plan was prepared for May 1-3, when the curfew will be imposed in Izmir. ESHOT buses, Metro and İZBAN, which is operated in partnership with TCDD - İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, will provide public transportation services to the exceptional occupational groups and employees. Health [more…]

service attack in the prohibition of going out in izmir
35 Izmir

Service Attack on Curfew in Izmir

In the four-day curfew within the scope of coronavirus measures, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality completed the maintenance, repair and asphalting works of the urban roads at full capacity. 12 thousand tons of asphalt paved in four days. Transport systems and channel [more…]

Free Mask Distribution Started in Public Transportation in Izmir
35 Izmir

Free Mask Distribution Starts in Public Transport in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started to distribute free masks to buses, subways, trams and ship passengers at transfer centers, stations, stops and piers. Within the scope of the efforts to prevent the coronavirus epidemic, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality made the use of masks mandatory in public places throughout the country. [more…]