Gebze Metro Signs Removed

The pillars erected before the election of Gebze subway stations in Kocaeli were dismantled. Although there was no subway station before the election, the subway stop signposts erected attracted reaction. Good Party Kocaeli Deputy Lütfü Türkkan, the subject [more…]

06 Ankara

Credit Card Period at Ankarakartta

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to delight the capital city with brand new transportation projects and works. In this context; Metropolitan Municipality, which put the decisions taken in line with the demands and demands of the citizens of the capital city, put the [more…]

86 China

Subway station in China

Subway station built where nobody is in China: One of the stops of the subway line opened at 2015 in Changqing, China is among the most bizarre metro station stops in the world. There is no road at the exit of Caojiawan Metro Stop. [more…]

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91 India

Scandal at Subway Station in India

Scandal at the subway station in India: A scandal took place on the screens broadcasting information to the passengers at the Rajiv Chowk subway station in New Delhi, the capital of India. Screens for advertising and information purposes at the subway station [more…]

7 Russia

Expanding metro networks in Moscow

Metro networks in Moscow are expanding: Moscow Municipality has announced that the 2020 transport link network will be built by 271, and that all transport stations (TPU) will be built at all stations built on the Moscow metro. 67 METRO STATION [more…]