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Hook Attracts Europe With Its Quality

Kanca Attracts Europe With Its Quality: We met with Sait Demirel, Sales Manager of Kanca Hand Tools, which serves the major railway companies and big wholesalers of Europe in the railway sector. Especially with the production of traction hooks [more…]

34 Istanbul

Draws Europe with drawbar hook

Cer draws Europe with its hook: Kanca A.Ş has acquired important customers in the railway sector in a short time. It meets 20 percent of the European need, especially at the point where the draw frame production is reached. The firm, Innotrans in Berlin, Germany [more…]


Domestic Crankshaft for Domestic Engine

Domestic Crankshaft to Domestic Engine: Oyak Renault, which is currently preparing to produce its 5 millionth vehicle, is continuing to move towards increasing the domesticity of 2008 dci diesel engines, which started production in 1,5. This [more…]


World Tattoo manufacturers in Turkey

World Tattoo manufacturers in Turkey: The International Tattoo Congress, which is held every 3 years, was held in Berlin between 30 June – 1 July 2014. Participants from 27 different companies from 700 different countries came to the congress. [more…]


Side industries developing in railways

Developing sub-industries in the railways sector After the unfortunate train accident in Pamukova on July 22, 2004, we discussed the safety of the railway sector at length in front of the public. Lists of measures, deficiencies and all relevant [more…]