islands district governorship also wanted electric vehicle
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Adalar District Governorate Also Wanted Electric Vehicle

Adalar District Governorate, which postponed the commissioning of the electric vehicles introduced by IMM on the grounds that they will serve on the highways, decided to switch to an alternative non-motorized transportation vehicle in the district in February. IMM President in the Islands Ekrem İmamoğlu [more…]

new means of transportation for the islands determined
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New Transportation Tools for Islands

IMM completed the work to meet the transportation demands in Adalar, which was initiated by banning phaetons due to disease transmitted to horses. 2 types of electric vehicles were purchased and purchased for visitors living in the district. New vehicles, summer [more…]

islands transportation ended
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Islands Transport Workshop Ended

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğlu"Adalar Transportation Workshop", where the transportation problems of the Islands were discussed, was held in Büyükada by the order of . In the workshop where every opinion was heard, determinations and suggestions were determined and the first steps towards a solution were taken. [more…]