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Istanbul is poor for rails but champion for buses

Istanbul rail poor and bus champion According to the Istanbul Chamber of Independent Accountants and Financial Advisors (ISMMMO) 'Istanbul in Global Figures' report, Istanbul is among European cities, railway network, number of doctors, internet household access, cinema [more…]


Free internet in Samsun light rail

Samsun Samsun light rail, light rail free internet free internet application with implementing it was reported that this is a first in Turkey. The first and only woman in the world working in a workshop in the transportation sector [more…]


Adult Education

Adult Education We all observe that communication and information sharing have increased rapidly in recent years. For this reason, for institutions that want to stand and move forward with this [more…]


Number of wagons is increasing in Gaziantep

Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Fuat Özçörekçi stated that they would increase the number of wagons that are available on the tram to 15. Fuat Özçörekçi stated that 53 wagons will be completed and brought to Gaziantep in a short time. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobus Four Wheeled Mint

Istanbul has a metrobus. The line that some of them couldn't fit into the sky and made a hurry as an election investment u The formation of this line passing through the middle of the main road in Istanbul, bus purchases, putting buses here [more…]