URAYSİM Investment Processes Have Been Examined On Site
26 Eskisehir

URAYSİM Investment Processes Have Been Examined On Site

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Eskisehir announced that Turkey and rail which will make one of the world's leading centers in the system field "National Rail Systems Research and the Test Center (URAYS) in the" work for the project, which continues under the leadership of Anadolu University. This [more…]

Significant Development in URAYSİM Project
26 Eskisehir

Significant Development in URAYSİM Project!

The first development plan of the Presidential Government System, Eskişehir National Rail Systems Testing and Research Center (URAYSİM), which can provide service at national and international level in order to ensure the continuity of the quality and reliability level of domestic rail system vehicles produced in our country, [more…]

tulomsas should move to the organized industrial zone
26 Eskisehir

TÜLOMSAŞ should be moved to the OIZ

Stating that by moving TÜLOMSAŞ to the Organized Industrial Zone, it can both contribute to the railway cluster and provide a solution to city traffic thanks to the vacated land, Ektaş stated that TÜLOMSAŞ's land can be used for the benefit of the people of Eskişehir Eskişehir İYİ Party [more…]

call for unity for the production of national yht
26 Eskisehir

Call for Unity for National HHT Production

Ramazan Uysal, Head of Eskişehir Branch of Railroad-İş Union, made a call to bureaucrats, NGOs and prominent people of the city to make National YHT production in Eskişehir. Uysal said, "This is a national cause." THE FUTURE OF ESKİŞEHİR Ramadan Uysal, High Speed ​​Train [more…]

target of locality in rail vehicles
06 Ankara

Target of Locality in Railway Vehicles 80 Percent

Turkey, also accelerating moves the rail systems in areas where domestic production started in each area. For this reason, Turkey, to complete the production of the national electric train sets in 2020 to start production in 2022 to the national electric locomotives of the series and national high-speed train [more…]

eskisehir rail systems sector focused on projects
26 Eskisehir

Eskişehir Railway Systems Sector Focused on Projects

The new management of the Eskişehir Rail Systems Cluster held its first Board Meeting at the Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO). Before the meeting, members of the Board of Directors met with ESO President Celalettin Kesikbaş and evaluated important projects on the agenda in the sector. [more…]

quick train and uraysim projects
26 Eskisehir

Fast Train and Uraysim Projects are Eskişehir's National Case

The heart of the rail systems industry will beat again in Eskişehir. Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO), which has rolled up its arms to make Eskişehir the center again, which witnessed the 163 years of our country's 125-year railway adventure, will make Eskişehir the center of the sector with a series of projects. This [more…]

uraysim project gained speed
26 Eskisehir

URAYSİM Project Wins Speed

National Rail carries great importance for Turkey and Eskişehir Research and Testing Center Project (URAYS I) within the scope of the work has accelerated. Hasan Buyukdede, Deputy Minister of Technology and Industry recently visited Anadolu University during his visit to Anadolu University. [more…]

au rektoru comaklidan tulomsasa visit
26 Eskisehir

AÜ Rector of Çomaklı visits TÜLOMSAŞ

Anadolu University Rector Prof. Dr. Dawn Çomaklı Ertan Hasan Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology in Büyükdeniz, together with a delegation from Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. They paid a visit to Hayri Avcı, the General Manager. During the meeting between the authorities [more…]


Uraysim Project Continues at Full Speed

Rector of Anadolu University Dr. Naci Gündoğan stated that there are no problems related to the National Rail Systems Research and Testing Center (URAYSİM) project, which is being carried out in Alpu district and discussed in recent days, and that the works are continuing. [more…]


The pride of Eskişehir, Turkey's future

Founded in 1958, Anadolu University has accomplished "many things in a short time". Having reached a position to compete with its national and international rivals, AU is living its golden age in research, academic performance and publishing. Rector Prof. Dr. Naci Gündoğan, the opening development [more…]

Intercity Railways

Safety and quality in the railway sector

Today's international railway operations attach great importance to safety and quality standards for railway technology. The relevant international standards are constantly renewed for comfort, quality and safety, technology developments, minimization of increased accident risks with increases in cruise speeds [more…]


URAYSİM Project Kıraç Field

URAYSİM Project Kıraç Alana Kaymalı: CHP Eskişehir deputy Utku Çakırözer, the National Rail Systems Center (URAYSİM) project on the Alpu Plain, declared as Agricultural Site has brought the agenda of the Assembly. Efficient lands of Alpulu farmers are not damaged by the project [more…]