Ground brake at Eskişehir tram line

Çankaya-Yenikent Tramway Extension Project was progressing with the work carried out on Çankaya Street. But some time ago, the work came to a halt. Citizens are also interested in the explanation of the issue, the tram line built [more…]


Estram Expeditions

Estram has decided to intensify tram services this year due to the increasing demand for passengers in the summer period. Estram Enterprise announced that the annual summer term application will not be held this year. made by Estram Enterprise [more…]


ESTRAM Late Future

The ESTRAM tram time interval was increased from 5 minutes to 7 minutes, and on weekends between 7 minutes and 15 minutes. There were crowds at the stops due to the flights that started the application. Citizens [more…]


Estram is hurting!

MONEY DOES NOT WIN In a written statement from the Chamber of Public Busers, “Since May 2010 public transport ticket fees have not been increased. We have become unable to operate with these transportation prices and earnings. We know that Metropolitan [more…]

07 Antalya

Ojeli Fingers On Rails.

7 women trainees and 35 men work together in Antalya Rail System. Women succeed in almost everything men do. One of the last examples of this is 35 meters long, 67 tons. [more…]


ESTRAM Tram Lines Extension Project

It has been reported that the obstacles to the realization of the Estram Extension Lines Project, which will provide lighter rail sysmet transportation to 20 neighborhoods in Eskişehir, with the loan obtained from the İller Bank, have been removed and the groundbreaking phase has been reached. Eskisehir tram [more…]


Police searched ESTRAM.

Police searched ESTRAM by court order. During the search, some documents and computer records were seized. The claim of the search that “Although some people are not disabled, they get a disabled pass and get on the trams and buses for free” [more…]


EsTram 7. celebrated

The photography exhibition, which includes many photographs and digital information from Estram's groundbreaking ceremonies to construction works, operating system and vehicle flights, was opened in the basement of Espark Shopping Center. The development of Estram since yesterday [more…]