investment in railways will benefit the logistics sector
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Investment in Railways to Benefit for Logistics Sector

When we analyze the distribution of foreign trade in Turkey according to transportation modes on the basis of value, we see that 62 percent of the shipments are made by sea, 23 percent by road, and 14 percent by air. Railway transportation, whose importance we have indicated at every point, is only a percentage. [more…]

Contact marmarayin directly
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Marmaray Halkalı Failure in Gebze Line

Those who want to get on Marmaray in the morning did not get on the grounds that there was no energy. SözcüAccording to the news in , citizens filed a complaint with the White Desk. An explanation is awaited from Marmaray. Citizens made the following comments about the failure of Marmaray on social media. [more…]

Halkali gebze marmaray line is coming tomorrow
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Halkalı Gebze Marmaray Line Opens Tomorrow

Halkalı Gebze Marmaray Line Opens Tomorrow: Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan, Gebze-Halkalı 12 announced that the railway line will be put into service in March. Minister Turhan, the Ministry of General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments [more…]