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2 reinforcement to the Gulf fleet

Bringing İzmir Bay together with 15 high-standard passenger and 3-car passenger ships, the Metropolitan Municipality will go out to tender for 2 more new passenger ships. Financing of new ships to be purchased, World Bank organization [more…]

35 Izmir

Sunken ship found in Izmir Bay

Sunken ship found in Izmir Bay: During the "swimming bay" works of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, a shipwreck thought to have sunk in the late 1800s was found. During the study of two natural habitats planned off the coast of Çiğli [more…]

Scientific cooperation for izsu and tubitak
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If The Gulf Is Held Izmir Ucar

If the Gulf is Scanned, İzmir Flys: İzmir maritime transport sector and port users should start the “İzmir Bay and Port Rehabilitation Project”, which will determine the future of İzmir Bay and İzmir Alsancak Port, as soon as possible. [more…]

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Crownless King returns to Izmir

The Uncrowned King returned to Izmir: One of the new ships, whose names were determined by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with the “votes of the people of Izmir”, met with the Gulf. Named after the legend of Turkish football, “The Uncrowned King” Metin Oktay, the ship will be part of the new fleet. [more…]

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Scanning in the Gulf will begin in the autumn of 2017

Dredging in the Gulf will begin in the fall of 2017: The “İzmir Bay and Port Rehabilitation Project”, which will be jointly made by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, was sent to the Ministry for approval on September 9, after the suspension period was completed. Tender after approval [more…]

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Kubilay also met with the Gulf

Kubilay also met with Körfez: After 15 of the 11 cruise ships purchased by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality to strengthen sea transportation, came into service, the third of the passenger passenger ships came to the city. Ahmet Piriştina and [more…]

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Metin Oktay and Travel Time in the Gulf

Metin Oktay and Travel Time in the Gulf: The Gulf fleet, completely renewed by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, is getting its 12th and 13th ships soon. Finally, the Metropolitan Municipality, which received the Vahap Özaltay ship, again [more…]

osmangazi bruis is empty
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The Osmangazi Bridge

Calculation on Osmangazi Bridge: Disputed with the astronomical toll, Osman Gazi Bridge could not reach the guaranteed figure even though it was free during the holiday. For the bridge, which 87 thousand vehicles pass per day, the government has awarded the contractor company [more…]

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Metro Submission

Subway Sending from Kalkan: AK Party İzmir Deputy Necip Kalkan, stating that it is pleasing to approve the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report given for Dredging and Increasing Port Efficiency for İzmir Bay, said, [more…]

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Gulf Project EIA report is ok

Gulf Project EIA report is complete: Ministry of ENVIRONMENT and Urbanization General Directorate of EIA Permission and Inspection Review and Evaluation Commission, TCDD and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will jointly make the 'Izmir Bay and Port'. [more…]

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İzmir Bay Crossing Project ends in 2023

İzmir Gulf Crossing Project ends in 2023: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, opposes those who oppose the previously announced Gulf Crossing Project that will connect Çiğli and İnciraltı, which has been on the agenda recently. [more…]

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The two sides of Menemen met

The two sides of the menemen came together: Martyr Kubilay Interchange and connection roads, which were completed by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in Menemen, were put into service with a ceremony. Izmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, 7 million pounds cost [more…]

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İzmir Bay TroleyBus Example Solution

Trolley Bus Case to Izmir Bay Solution: Recently, the last report published by Dokuz Eylül University (DEU) Institute of Marine Sciences and Technology; It is observed that the cleaning works carried out in İzmir Bay yield positive results. [more…]

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Kocaoğlu went to Ankara with 5 files

Kocaoğlu went to Ankara with 5 files: Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who determined the senior staff to serve in the new period of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, took his breath in Ankara as soon as he completed these studies. President Kocaoğlu's Capital [more…]