president imamoglu found reviews in the galataport
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Chairman İmamoğlu Made Reviews in Galataport

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu, "Büyükyalı" in Zeytinburnu and KabataşHe also made observations in Galataport after the "Martı" projects in Turkey. Stressing that he will visit all projects that will affect the city, İmamoğlu said, “This is one of the 20 projects we have identified. We will continue to tour them. Then [more…]

adana subway should be transferred to the ministry
01 Adana

Transportation problem discussed in Adana

The transportation problem was brought to the table in Adana: '12 'organized by the Chamber of Civil Engineers (İMO) Adana Branch together with the Istanbul Branch. Transport Congress' started at Seyhan Municipality Yaşar Kemal Cultural Center with an intense participation. H. CONTEMPORARY KAYA: THE PROBLEM OF TRANSPORT IS IN AROUNDING SIZES ... [more…]

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Chamber, Kabataş Martı Project is not legal and ecological

Chamber, Kabataş Martı Project is not legal and ecological: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's “Kabataş Mucella Yapıcı, Secretary General of the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Architects, who made a statement regarding his objections regarding the construction of the transfer center named "Martı Project", said, "The issue is only in rent. [more…]

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The most important economic center of Istanbul Turkey

Turkey's economy the most important center of Istanbul: Istanbul is the most important center of Turkey's economy, it ranks first in terms of public investments. According to the statement made by the Governorship of Istanbul, it will contribute to making Istanbul a world center and it still continues. [more…]

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Istanbul's mega projects

Here, Istanbul's mega projects have revamped the districts: The mega projects that have been rising in a row in Istanbul have revived the lines they have passed. The biggest increase was in the Marmaray region, which connects both sides of Istanbul with 4 in minutes. According to its proximity to Marmaray [more…]

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How Marmaray Affects Housing Prices

How Marmaray Affects Housing Prices: According to EVA Gayrimenkul Değerleme, the Marmaray project will bring serious action to the real estate market. Marmaray project, which will take the real estate market to different locations on the Marmaray, Yenikapı-Sirkeci-Üsküdar line, will be put into service on October 29, Europe and Asia [more…]

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Haydarpaşaport and Galataport

With the demagoguery in politics, the truths go wrong, and many distortions go wrong. In the political polemics arena, the country's historical cultural heritage is sold under the kültürel privatization plan Polit. In the noise of the heated agenda, the Privatization High Council approved the ar new zoning plan gürültü, owned by State Railways. [more…]

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