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Hacı Bayrama Modern Minibus Stops

Hacı Bayrama Modern Minibus Stations: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of Ulus Historical City Center Project, is located behind Hacı Bayram Mosque which is one of the symbols of Ankara, inside the closed modern minibus stops with 650 vehicle capacity. [more…]


5 intersection to Ankara-Konya highway

5 intersections will be built on Ankara-Konya highway: It has been reported by the General Directorate of Highways that 5 intersections will be built in Ankara-Konya highway Gölbaşı location. Under the chairmanship of Gölbaşı District Governor Şahin Aslan, the problems and solutions related to the Ankara-Konya highway were discussed in the district governor's office. [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Works in Gölbaşı

Golbasi Asphalt Works In Progress: Golbasi Municipality, asphalt works on roads across the county continues to facilitate the lives of citizens and to provide a comfortable ride to the driver of the Directorate of Science Works Gölbaşı Municipality asphalt [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt 142 Thousand Ton Asphalt

Gölbaşı 142 thousand Tons Asphalt: Gölbaşı Municipality continues its successful works in asphalt, border, locked parquet, building and repair works and road construction works carried out throughout Gölbaşı. Center in Gölbaşı since April [more…]

06 Ankara

Gölbaşı Metrobüs line departs | Ankara

Gölbaşı Metrobus line departs: At the fast-breaking dinner he attended in Gölbaşı, Gökçek asked the citizen about the metrobus, “Should the current practice continue?” posed the question. Gökçek announced that the metrobus would take off after the majority said 'no'. Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

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Was the Ankara Metrobus out of control?

Ankara Metrobüs was freckles? One of the biggest problems of our citizens living in Gölbaşı recently! More precisely, the problem of “not reaching am. Gölbaşı people, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality by the Golbasi-Ankara [more…]