389 Macedonia

Train wait in Macedonia

Waiting for a train in Macedonia: Refugees who cross the Greek border and enter Macedonia are waiting for a train in the southern border town of Gevgeli. Macedonia is key to the transit of refugees from the Middle East to Europe. Thousands of people every day [more…]

98 Iran

Tirebolu Harbor and Tabriz Railway

Tirebolu Harbor and Tabriz Railway Just thinking about the idea of ​​Tirebolu Harbor and Tabriz Railway is enough to get people excited. The beautiful town of Tirebolu with Tabriz, the world's largest Turkish city after Istanbul [more…]


Fast train in Turkey

The need for the most efficient use of time, the minimization of environmental damage caused by road transport and the fact that the rail is a more reliable means of transport compared to other modes of transport, [more…]

16 Bursa

Curiosities in the tram debate

Transportation in Bursa City Council was discussed. As it is known, transportation problem of Bursa is very big. Therefore, alternative means of transportation and convenience are gaining importance. The tender of the sculpture tram line called T1 was held. [more…]