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'European Bicycle Route Network Workshop' in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality hosted the Bisiklet European Bicycle Route Network Workshop.. Gokce, Secretary General of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, speaking at the opening, recalling that joining EuroVelo is an important element in tourism and sustainable city target, [more…]

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İzmir is Counting Days for "EuroVelo"

The Metropolitan Municipality, which produces projects to include İzmir in EuroVelo, the network of bicycle routes in Europe, will achieve this goal at the beginning of 2019. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has carried out its efforts to enter the Mediterranean Route in EuroVelo. [more…]

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
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Pedal Revolution in İzmir

Pedal revolution in İzmir: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is preparing to increase the 39 kilometer bike path in the city to 2017 kilometer at the end of 90; Sahilevleri, Cistern, Harmandalı-Ulukent and 2. He established new bicycle paths in Kordon. Cycling in Turkey [more…]

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Izmir Cycling Master Plan

Izmir is working for the Bicycle Master Plan: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has an 40 kilometer cycle in the city, has taken action to increase this number to 135 kilometers. Metropolitan, on the other hand, Izmir [more…]