Turasas were discussed at the meeting on stso.
58 Sivas

TÜRASAŞ was discussed at the meeting led by STSO

Under the leadership of Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STSO), with the participation of Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce and Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Turkey Rail System Vehicles Industry A.Ş. To evaluate the establishment of (TÜRASAŞ) [more…]

Railway Fair to Strengthen Eskişehir
26 Eskisehir

Railway Fair Will Add Power to Eskişehir

ETO President Metin Güler emphasized that the railway fair and congress to be held in our city in April will contribute to the competitive power of Eskişehir and the promotion of the rail systems sector worldwide. Text of Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce [more…]

Eskisehir economy evaluation meeting held
26 Eskisehir

Eskişehir 2019 Economy Assessment Meeting was held

In the 2019 Provincial Economy Meeting held under the chairmanship of Eskişehir Governor Özdemir Çakacak, the representatives of the organizations that gave direction to the industry of the city came together. Meeting; Hayri Avci, General Manager of TULOMSAS, TEI-TUSAS Motor Sanayii A.Ş. [more…]

railway giants coming to Eskisehir
26 Eskisehir

Global Giants of Railway Coming to Eskişehir

Global Giants of Railway are Coming to Eskişehir; Organized by Modem Fairs with the support of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the Rail Industry Show Railway Industry Infrastructure and Technologies Fair is the railway industry with a total turnover of 500 billion euros in the global market. [more…]


TULOMSAS can produce national tank engine

Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce (ETO) President Metin Güler stated that they aspire to have the engine of the Altay Main Battle Tank manufactured in Eskişehir. ETO President Metin Güler stated that the domestic engine of the Altay Main Battle Tank, which was built with national resources, [more…]

16 Bursa

BEBKA's project writing education

Project writing training from BEBKA: Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA), which supports projects for aviation, rail systems and defense industry, what should be considered when writing projects to institutions and organizations in Eskişehir [more…]


We will export fast train set to the world

We will export high-speed train sets to the world: ve Training of Trainers ”protocol signed between Eskişehir Provincial Directorate of National Education, Tülomsaş General Directorate, Eskişehir Chamber of Industry and Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce. [more…]


Eskişehir Meeting of Rail Systems

Rail Systems Eskişehir Meeting: In order to determine the current situation, needs and expectations in the rail systems sector in Eskişehir, to present the latest developments and to provide cooperation environment for the participating companies, [more…]


Aviation and Rail Systems Vision to be Shaped

The Vision of Eskişehir Aviation and Rail Systems Will Be Shaped: The future of Eskişehir industry will be discussed in the meeting where leading names of the aviation and rail systems sector will participate. A meeting that will accelerate the economy of Eskişehir will be signed. Eskisehir [more…]