Intercity Railways

External Depression in the Rail Sector

External dependency in the railway sector is decreasing: The history of the railway has an 160 year history in our country. The most powerful name of the Republic of Turkey State Railways Sector in Turkey since 1924 connects with the railways. [more…]


EUROTEM to Sakarya 2. setting up the factory

XTUMX to EUROTEM Sakarya. factory: Hundai EUROTEM Factory General Manager Jeong-Honn Kim, Sakarya will establish the second 2 thousand square meter factory said they are continuing to allocate space for the factory. Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Zeki [more…]


Do you know TÜLOMSAŞ

Do you know TÜLOMSAŞ: In 1961, when there was no sub-industry in Turkey, our engineers, technicians and “TCDD Eskişehir Gar ve Türkiye Lokomotif ve Motor Sanayi A.Ş. (TÜLOMSAŞ)” [more…]


ADARAY 10 Free throughout the day

The first phase of the City Rail System (ADARAY) was launched by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality between Adapazarı and Arifiye. Deputy Secretary General Fatih Turan said, tüm All preparations for the highly anticipated ADARAY [more…]


TÜVASAŞ on the agenda of the parliament

MHP Deputy Münir Kutluata made statements about TÜVASAŞ and Sugar in the Parliament. Speaking at the Grand National Assembly about the liberalization of railway transportation, MHP Sakarya Deputy Kutluata said, “We are involved in TÜVASAŞ, which has a market advantage. [more…]


TÜVASAŞ in the World Wagon Market

TÜVASAŞ in the world wagon market: Türkiye Vagon Sanayisi A.Ş., which was deemed worthy of the TSE Quality Award 2013 with its quality understanding and successful work in standards. (TÜVASAŞ produces domestically made diesel and electric train sets. [more…]


General Manager Erol İnalın TÜVASAŞ

General Manager Erol İnalın KELELEN TÜVASAŞ Can we recognize TÜVASAŞ? TÜVASAŞ establishment purpose? Railway transportation, which started in 1866 in our country, was carried out by means of vehicles, all of which were imported and the maintenance-repairs were carried out dependent on the foreign. [more…]

High-speed train works in the new city started
06 Ankara

An Overview of High Speed ​​Train

The construction of the “Tokaido Shinkansen”, considered the world's first high-speed train, started in 1959 in Japan and was completed in 1964. This train, which runs between Tokyo and Osaka, aims to accelerate to 200 km per hour. [more…]


Ertiryakili TÜVASAŞ

17 after the August earthquake almost razed to the ground, which was sitting on the heart of the debate to Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation not to run again ... On the one hand, this is no longer produced even a wagon factory gate are closed [more…]


Hyundai Eurotem also has to move

Deputy Üstün also answered the questions of whether Hyundai Eurotem would remain in the event that TÜVASAŞ moved to Ferizli and said, “Let TÜVASAŞ go there and the sub-industry come there. In fact, Hyundai Eurotem will also come if they wish. [more…]