ESHOT Balance Inquiry

ESHOT Balance Inquiry and Loading ESHOT TL

Kentkarts, which have been used in İzmir's public transportation for years, have been transformed into İzmirim Kart as of June 1, 2015. Since there was no change in the system for users, we were able to continue to use the old Kentkarts as they are, and those who want it are new Izmir [more…]

Free access to privates and privates in Izmir
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Free Access to Private and Private Heads in Izmir

The soldiers and soldiers who perform their military service in İzmir will benefit from public transportation free of charge during their military service. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate, free use of public transport to soldiers and soldiers in military units in Izmir [more…]

istasite fleet is expanding
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İZTAŞIT Fleet Expands

Three more minibuses were added to the ZTAŞITs. The minibuses will serve the Orhanlı, Beyler and Çamtepe neighborhoods. İZTAŞIT buses on these lines will also be shifted to the main routes. Three new minibuses joined İZTAŞIT's 28-bus fleet. New [more…]

was the year of investments for izmir
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2019 was the Year of Investments for İzmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality invested 2019 billion liras in 3,3. Allocating 41 percent of its total expenditures to investments, the investment amount of the Metropolitan increased by 16 percent compared to the previous year. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Izmir residents [more…]