varank domestic tram overlooking the patriotic cabin
16 Bursa

Minister Varank Passes to Vatman Cabin of Local Tram

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said, “As the Ministry, we attach great importance to Bursa in our industry and technology move. Bursa, with its infrastructure and industry, is one of the most important cities that can contribute to value-added production in Turkey.” [more…]

durmazlar machine acti showroom in germany
16 Bursa

Durmazlar Machine Opens Showroom in Germany

Durmazlar The machine reinforced its growth in Germany with its showroom and engineering center. One of the company's future goals is to start production here. According to the news of Ömer Faruk Çiftçi from the world; “Durmazlar Machine, Hessen, Germany, [more…]

16 Bursa

If municipalities work

If municipalities work:Durmazlar Hüseyin Durmaz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Holding, stated that they are at the top of the road in the field of tram, metro and high-speed train production, and that they have the capacity to produce all kinds of vehicles if [more…]

16 Bursa

Minister Özlü used Local Tram Silkworm

Minister Özlü Uses Domestic Tram Silkworm: Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Faruk Özlü, Local tram manufacturer Durmazlar He visited the factories of the group in Bursa. Originally developed by ASELSAN, under the leadership of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Durmazlar [more…]

16 Bursa

BTU and Durmazlar Cooperation between Machinery

BTU and Durmazlar Cooperation between Machinery: Bursa Technical University Durmazlar Cooperation meeting was held between the machinery in order to ensure university-industry integration in Bursa industry. Bursa Technical University (BTU), Rector. Dr. Arif Karademir's [more…]


Akçaray will carry passengers in 2017

Akçaray will carry passengers in 2017: Work continues on the tram project, which is the first of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's light rail system projects. On the one hand, while the rails to be used on the route are manufactured, on the other hand, Akçaray's [more…]

date today june kocaelide akcaray tram

Kocaeli Sekapark Bus Station Tram Line Rails Set Out

It has been learned that the production of the rails manufactured in Poland, which will be used in the tram line project between the Sekapark Bus Station, for which the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality laid the foundation with a pre-election ceremony, has been completed and is on the road to be brought to Izmit. 434 DAYS LEFT [more…]


Izmit Tram Cabin tender went to GCC

Izmit Tram cabin tender went to GCC: Izmit Tram Project of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality does not end legal problems that cause delays. Metropolitan Municipality, 2017 12 for the Tram Project to be completed at the beginning of February [more…]

Antalya Tram Map
07 Antalya

2. Etap ANTRAY Puzzle

Stage ANTRAY riddle: 2016 days from now on until EXPO 276 opens its doors. We all dreamed about the announcement of EXPO 2016 in Antalya. Why not install; Infrastructure and superstructure of Antalya [more…]