Trabzon coast road will be overrun
61 Trabzon

Trabzon Beach Road Will Be Crossed By 22 Bridges

Minister Turhan, who came to Trabzon to make various investigations, first visited the construction site of the General Directorate of Highways on the Trabzon-Maçka district road and met with the relevant people. Turhan then went to the Zigana Tunnel construction site, [more…]

army road traffic has relieved city traffic
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Army Ring Road Relieves City Traffic

The Ordu Ring Road, the 1st phase of which was opened by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, significantly eased the burden of the city's coastal road passing through the city. Making a statement to the journalists after making investigations on the Ordu Ring Road. [more…]


Roads that will change to Trabzon

Roads that will change Trabzon: Trabzon Will Be Another Trabzon When Highways' Projects Are Completed Trabzon Governor Abdil Celil Öz, Trabzon deputy Faruk Özak, Regional Director of Highways Selahattin Bayramçavuş and his technical team [more…]


Trabzon will be a city of tunnels

Trabzon will be a city of tunnels: There are 23.7 crossroads, 11 at-grade intersections, 4 tunnels, and a viaduct on the 4 km-long Kanuni Boulevard route that will make Trabzon another Trabzon when it is completed. Trabzon as a [more…]


Trabzona New Tunnel

Trabzona New Tunnel: The construction of the Boztepe Tunnel section of Kanuni Boulevard, which will enable the passage between Trabzon's Starry Town and Akoluk, has begun. While the works start in Çukurçayır part of the tunnel, there are 11 units on Kanuni Boulevard route. [more…]