Due to the half-year holiday, the asti are moving days
06 Ankara

AŞTİ Moving Days Due to Semester Break

Due to the start of the semester break, there are active days in AŞTİ. In AŞTİ, where student density increased, Metropolitan Municipality increased security measures. STUDENT INTENSITY INCREASED Schools' holiday in AŞTİ, run by BUGSAŞ affiliated to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

passengers also preferred to feast
06 Ankara

Passengers' Choice in Bayram

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, 7 / 24 was on duty in order for the citizens of the capital to spend the Ramadan Feast in peace and security. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Intercity is at the top of the points preferred by the citizens due to long holiday holidays. [more…]

beautiful news
06 Ankara

Good News from AŞTİ to Mothers

Taking into account the demands and wishes of the capital city of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has signed a service-oriented work, has launched a new service to delight mothers. Metropolitan Municipality Ankara Intercity Terminal Management (AŞTİ), positive from citizens [more…]

06 Ankara

ASTİ, Ramadan Feast Ready

With the closure of schools, security measures were increased at Ankara Intercity Terminal Management (AŞTİ), where passenger density increased both before the summer holiday and before the Ramadan Feast. AŞTİ has a daily passenger capacity of 150 thousand. [more…]

06 Ankara

Sacrifice for Metro Accident in Ankara

Mustafa Toruntay, Chairman of the Self Transportation Trade Union; ”Unfortunately we had an accident on Saturday in our Ankara Metro. It's a pleasure to have no casualties on the day of the accident. With the hope that such events will never happen again. [more…]

06 Ankara

High Level of Security at AŞTİ

Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal Operation (AŞTİ), which operates within the capital of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Başkent Transportation and Natural Gas Services Project Contracting Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company (BUGSAŞ), [more…]

06 Ankara

Security with K-9 Dogs in Ankara Metro

Security with K-9 Dogs in Ankara Metro: The specially trained K-9 German wolves of BUGSAS, affiliated to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, make a great contribution as an effective and deterrent element in security measures in subways. terrorism and security incidents [more…]

06 Ankara

Rail System Operators Meet in Ankara

Rail System Operator Meets in Ankara: Established with the support of all of the urban rail system operator in Turkey "All Rail System Operators Association" s (TÜRSİD) Meeting, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality depends Bugsaş as host, it was held in Ankara. [more…]

06 Ankara

Rail system representatives met in Ankara

Rail system representatives in Ankara met: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality depends Bugsaş company providing services on-site at the Ankara Metro hosted rail systems operating in various provinces of Turkey (metro, tram, etc.) representatives of a [more…]