dunyanin first train robot in australia
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World's First Train Robot in Australia

Rio Tinto, an iron mining company in Australia, has put into operation its fully automated rail network with the world's largest train robot. The railway network established in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, approximately 800 [more…]

an unmanned yuk train rides in Australia
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Driverless Freight Train Starts in Australia

A possible disaster was averted by derailing an unmanned freight train that went out of control in Devonport, Tasmania, Australia. According to a statement from the Tasmanian police, the unmanned freight train that went out of control and could not be stopped in Devonport. [more…]

Australia train crash 16 injured
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In Australia injured train crash 16

16 passengers were injured when the train approaching Richmond station in the northwest of Sydney, Australia, could not stop to load and unload passengers, and collided with the barriers. State Police of New South Wales (NSW) making a statement on the accident, [more…]

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Tram and truck collide in Australia 29 injured

Tram and truck collided in Australia 29 Injured: It was reported that 29 people were injured as a result of the collision of the tram and truck in Melbourne, Australia. The accident happened at 8.00:XNUMX local time at the level crossing near Melbourne Zoo. [more…]

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Little Boy With Train Down From Peron

Little Boy Fell Between Train and Platform: At Sydney's Cronulla train station, a little boy fell between the train and the platform. The incident was captured on security cameras moment by moment. According to the information obtained, the event took place in Sydney, Australia. [more…]

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Sulfuric Acid Train

The train carrying sulfuric acid derailed: A state of emergency was declared in an area of ​​​​200 kilometers due to the derailment of the freight train carrying 2 thousand liters of sulfuric acid in Australia. in the northwest of the Australian state of Queensland, [more…]

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Death-death struggle on train tracks (Video)

The struggle for life and death on the train tracks: The event that took place in a train station in Australia and brought hearts to the mouth was reflected in the security camera. A little girl trying to pick up the toy that fell on the tracks at Flemington station almost got to the train. [more…]

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How Metrobus project took part in Pakistani press

How the Metrobus project took place in the Pakistani press The Metrobus project, which was inaugurated in Lahore on Monday, had an important place in the newspapers in the country. Newspapers emphasizing the completion of one of the country's largest public transport projects, [more…]