cost of istanbul airport is billion euros
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Cost of Istanbul Airport 10 Billion Euro

Cahit Turan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, announced that the cost of the Istanbul Airport project is approximately 10 billion euros and that the project is expected to be completed in 2028. CHP Samsun Deputy Kemal Zeybek'in Transportation responded to the question [more…]

million trees for the airport
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13 Million Trees for Istanbul Airport

3 by the North Forest Defense (KOS). According to the analysis on the satellite imagery at the airport site, full 13 million trees were cut down due to construction. In the EIA report of the project, 2 half of the number of trees to be cut [more…]

iett bus burned cayir cayir
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İETT Bus Cayır Cayır Burned

3, where he will depart from the bus station in the morning in Istanbul, Ayazağa. Airport bus in the direction of Arnavutköy Habipler moving empty as the city suddenly caught fire. No one on the bus returned to the flame ball in a short time [more…]

can not be done at the pepli karabat istanbul airport
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No CHP Karabat, Istanbul Airport

3, which AKP has been advertising for years. Flights are disrupted at the airport. While discussing these problems, the claim that the airport will sell to foreigners came up. CHP Istanbul deputy Özgür Karabat, who brought the issue to the agenda of the Turkish Grand National Assembly with a [more…]

Istanbul airport received snow from snow
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Istanbul Airport took the snow exam?

This year we will meet at the end of February with the white cover when it will not snow. Snowfall was more 'merciful' than in previous years. It rained slowly. The air temperature did not drop suddenly. Rainfall coming to the weekend [more…]