Izmir agriculture is going to inspire me turkiyede
35 Izmir

Agriculture Izmir in Turkey Becomes Inspiration

İzmir Agriculture, which was born out of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer's understanding of “Another Agriculture is Possible”, aims to develop rural development on the basis of cooperatives, to use water resources efficiently with proper agricultural practices and to transform the city into a world brand in agriculture. [more…]

When will the agricultural support payments be made?

When Will Agricultural Support Payments Be Made?

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli announced that they will transfer the support of 394 million 514 thousand 187 liras to the accounts of the producers as of 18.00 today within the scope of agricultural support payments. Minister Pakdemirli's statement on agricultural support payments is as follows: [more…]

Ancestral seed exchange in Izmir Tarsus line
35 Izmir

Ancestry Seed Exchange in Izmir Tarsus Line

Tarsus Mayor Haluk Bozdoğan also contributed to the efforts of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for the protection of local seeds and their transfer to future generations. Bozdoğan visited İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer and presented 8 kinds of gifts as a gift. [more…]

Sunday waste freezing to the tables with agriculture
34 Istanbul

Market Waste Is Returning to Tables Through Agriculture

Organic wastes collected from markets and businesses for a clean and sustainable environment in Beykoz turn into nature as soil improvement compost and worm fertilizer in agriculture, then turn into healthy foods and turn into tables. Developed by Beykoz Municipality in line with the "Zero Waste" targets [more…]

dried fig exports exceeded a thousand tons

Dried Figs Export Exceeds 42 Thousand Tons

The export revenue obtained from dried figs, defined as the fruit of paradise, in the 2020/21 season reached 2 million dollars with an increase of 158 percent. Turkey is the world leader in the manufacture and export a pleasing development in dried figs from other traditional export products [more…]

All-Time Record for Beet and Sugar Production Broke

All-Time Record in Beet and Sugar Production

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli announced that the all-time record was broken in beet and sugar beet production. Minister Pakdemirli's statement is as follows: “Our beet production, which was 2002 million tons in 16,5, is approximately% in the marketing year 2020/2021. [more…]

gin poverty will end with the national rural development administration
86 China

China Will End Poverty With 'National Rural Development Administration'

The establishment of the National Rural Development Administration of China was announced in the magazine Qiushi, the publication of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CCP). In the fourth issue of Qiushi magazine, with the signature of the CCP Committee of the National Rural Development Administration of China, “the fight against poverty of humanity [more…]

gum support increased by a hundred percent

Fertilizer Supports Increased Percent

In order to prevent our farmers from being adversely affected by the increasing fertilizer prices and to continue agricultural production without interruption, the existing fertilizer support has been increased one hundred percent. Fertilizer support for cereals (wheat, barley, rye, oat, triticale) 8 TL per decare is 16 TL, other [more…]