Be careful about gum pulling

Attention to Gingival Recession!

Aesthetic Dentist Dr. Efe Kaya gave information on the subject. Teeth are located in the jawbone. Teeth are connected to the jawbone by fibers around the teeth. These fibers also act as a shock absorber, causing the chewing movements of the teeth. [more…]

abortion istanbul

Reliable Pregnancy Termination Procedures

Our experienced physicians provide services in termination of unwanted pregnancy. Information is kept completely confidential and abortion studies are carried out securely. Some people in our country may have unintentionally conceived. In order to terminate intrauterine pregnancy, the most [more…]

anti-cancer foods

Foods Effective Against Cancer!

Dietician Salih Gürel gave important information about the subject. A healthy diet can reduce the risk of cancer and many diseases, especially heart diseases, but apart from preventing obesity and reducing alcohol consumption, the diet's cancer risk is certain. [more…]

How should be the way of eating at sahur

How to Eat Iftar and Suhoor?

It is of great importance to both eat healthy and relax the digestive system during Ramadan. Developing its formulas inspired by nature, Zade Vital makes a difference with its products that will support you to spend the month of Ramadan strongly. Experts especially during this period [more…]

an opportunity to quit smoking in Ramadan

Ramadan is an Opportunity to Quit Smoking

Smoking and tobacco use poses more dangers than ever in this period when we are struggling with Covid-19. We can turn the current Ramadan month into an opportunity to quit smoking. Scientific studies, smokers and those who are exposed to tobacco smoke [more…]

Ways to reduce sugar consumption

Ways to Reduce Sugar Consumption

Nowadays, processed sugar, which is used extensively in almost every food and its consumption is increasing, is used only for flavoring food and beverages. Processed sugar, which is not beneficial to the human body, is especially important for obesity, heart, diabetes and [more…]

Make sure to consume compote at iftar and sahur tables

Consume Compote at Iftar and Sahur Tables

During the month of Ramadan, we are in a period where we need to be more attentive than ever before in iftar and sahur tables in order to both eat healthy and protect our immunity against the epidemic. Our body, which is dehydrated due to the period of fasting, [more…]

stress is weaving men's hair

Stress Is Pouring Hair In Men!

Stating that hair loss has become the most discussed and constantly sought problem of our day, Dr. Emrah Çinik said that stress causes hair loss in men. Hair loss is an important psychological problem and self-confidence [more…]

patient decade design competition continues

Patient Gown Design Competition Continues

American Hospital, its foundation's “100. It is launching the “Patient Apron Design Competition” for young talents among the innovative projects it has realized in different fields. In addition to the valuable jury members in his field, he also served as the consultant of the fashion designer Mehtap Elaidi. [more…]

caution when consuming over-the-counter antibiotic garlic

Caution When Consuming Non-Prescription Antibiotic Garlic!

Garlic, which is indispensable in world cuisines, has been used as a medicine for thousands of years as well as giving flavor to meals. Known as a natural antibiotic, garlic cleans the intestines, strengthens immunity and is included in nutrition plans in the fight against many diseases from diabetes to cancer. [more…]

Does drinking milk make the kids taller?

Does Drinking Milk Increase The Height of Children?

From the moment their children are born, all parents are concerned about making the right things about the upbringing process. Moreover, during this period, grandmothers, grandmothers, neighbors, and even acquaintances share their experiences and give advice on raising children. Child Health and Diseases [more…]

Why do children ask so many questions?

Why Do Children Ask Many Questions?

Expert Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. After children start to talk, they start asking questions constantly, asking the same question over and over again without getting tired of getting the answers. But why does it ask so many questions? Children [more…]

Beauty applications made with thread

Beauty Applications with Thread

Eye Diseases Specialist Op. Dr. Hakan Yüzer gave information on the subject. Deformations and deformities in the face and body due to different reasons cause aesthetic concerns in individuals. As such deterioration may occur later, [more…]

Why do we hug when we get older?

Why Do We Get Smaller As We Get Older?

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Prof. Dr. Turan Uslu gave information on the subject. • Poor posture - poor posture reduces the average height of mature adults by 1 inch (2.5 cm), sometimes more • Osteoporosis (osteoporosis) • [more…]


Best İzmir Psychological Counseling Center

Psychological counseling centers are therapy centers where psychologists work. You can get service from psychological counseling centers for all your mental problems. If you are looking for the most effective and successful psychological counseling center in Izmir, you can contact Nora Psychology. Nora [more…]