With the e youth project, space is opening for young people
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Space is Opened for Young People with E Youth Project

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Youth and Sports Services opens up space for young people in the digital field, as well as the educational, sports, social, cultural and artistic activities it organizes. It will be implemented by a local government for the first time in Turkey Metropolitan [more…]

zula super league favorite kbb kagitspor espor
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Zula Super League Favorite KBB Kagittspor Espor

While the 4th week of the Zula Super League was the scene of contentious battles, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality (KBB) Kağıttspor Esports closed the week without losing points. In the first match of the 4th week, Kağıttspor Esports team faced last year's champion Çamlıca Espor, [more…]

The rule to be a good player

9 Rules To Be A Good Player

Games are very popular nowadays. Many young people also follow the gaming industry closely and want to become the best they can be in games. It takes good planning to accomplish many things in life. This goes for computer games too [more…]

A first in history in the field of turk esports
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A First in History in Turkish Esports

In recent years a large increase in the number of municipalities appear to have support Espora on the rise in Turkey, it was a first in Turkish history in the area yesterday Esper. For the first time, two Metropolitan Municipalities in Zula Super League 7th Season, followed by thousands of players [more…]

prime gaming announced free games for the month of March

Prime Gaming Announces Free Games for March

Prime Gaming members will be able to get Blasphemous, Boomerang Fu, Tengami, Bomber Crew and Sky Drift games for free in March. Amazon Prime Gaming Turkey, announced the selection of free games in March. Amazon Prime members this month Blasphemous, Boomerang [more…]

Perfect Design from the Lego Car Series

Flawless Design from the Lego Car Series

The LEGO® Group has made its mark in automotive history, featuring two iconic models of the 1970s and 80s; two in one, the LEGO® Porsche 911 Turbo and 911 Targa set are getting ready to meet their fans. LEGO fans and classic car enthusiasts will love [more…]

Good news to companies exporting games

Good News to Game Issuing Companies

The Communiqué on the Amendment of the Value Added Tax (VAT) General Implementation Communiqué prepared by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force. With the amendment made, in the service export exemption VAT refunds, the amount [more…]

mentalup has been played a million times during the half year break

MentalUP Played 5,5 Million Times in the Half Year Holiday

The gamified education platform MentalUP, in which Türk Telekom is a partner, became the primary choice of children during the half-year break. MentalUp's mental-enhancing and reliable games were played 5,5 million times during the three-week vacation. A pioneer in the digital transformation of Turkey Turkey [more…]

MeO turkey champions became clear red bull

MEO Turkey Red Bull Champions Announced

The world's most competitive mobile games arena champions Red Bull MEO TFT game Hearthstone and Turkey were announced. Turkey's Red Bull, which is open to participation from all over the online finals after MeO 'Cabixo' at Hearthstone, 'Overrated' 'and' 'Fujitor to' [more…]