Known Misconceptions About Mineral Water

Common Misconceptions About Mineral Water

The article titled "Misconceptions about Mineral Water" published in, which aims to introduce Turkey's rich underground resources and to raise awareness of the usage areas of mineral water, addresses the lack of information about mineral waters. [more…]

ABB Career Center Becomes a Bridge Between Employers and Job Seekers
06 Ankara

ABB Career Center Bridges Employers and Job Seekers

The Career Center, which Ankara Metropolitan Municipality put into service to increase employment in the Capital, attracts great attention from the citizens. The center in Youth Park, where consultancy services are provided by expert teams, acts as a bridge between employers and job seekers. [more…]

Turkey's Largest NASA Hackathon to be Held in Ankara
06 Ankara

Turkey's Largest Nasa Hackathon to be Held in Ankara

With the support of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the NASA Apps Challenge event, where new ideas will be produced on issues such as solving environmental problems and making progress in space technologies, will be held at the North Star TechBridge Technology Center on October 1-2. [more…]

istanbul aktau flight

Travel to Aktau: Planning Tips

Aktau is a young city in the southwest of Kazakhstan, on the coast of the Caspian Sea. People usually come here for business because oil and gas production is developing rapidly in this region. Recently, the city has been on the shores of the Caspian Sea. [more…]

Izmir is Hosting the Fire Symposium
35 Izmir

Izmir is Hosting the Fire Symposium

The Fire Symposium and Exhibition with International Participation, organized by the chambers of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TMMOB, was opened. Information about the moment, before and after the disaster with the symposium organized with the slogan "Big fires start with small negligence" [more…]

Advice not to get cancer

7 Tips to Avoid Getting Cancer

Medical Oncologist Associate Professor Nilay Şengül Samancı gave important information on the subject. Worried about cancer prevention? Take control by eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and having cancer screenings. Probably [more…]

Efficient Projects Will Get Prizes at the Summit
34 Istanbul

Efficient Projects Will Be Awarded at the Summit

The Efficiency Awards organization, which will be held within the scope of ST Industry Summits in order to announce the projects that provide efficiency in production processes and to raise awareness in this field, will be held in Tuzla on October 4-6. Investing to increase efficiency in the organization to be organized [more…]

TOKI Cancels Kanal Istanbul Stage Housing Tender
34 Istanbul

TOKİ Canceled Kanal Istanbul 1st Stage Housing Tender

TOKİ canceled the tender for the 844 residence project that it planned to build in Arnavutköy for Yenişehir, which will be built around Kanal Istanbul. The tender was canceled due to the fact that the submitted bids were much higher than the appropriation allocated for the construction. [more…]

Fethiye Underwater History Park Project
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Fethiye Underwater History Park Project Continues

Announcing that the Fethiye Underwater Historical Park project, prepared by the Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FTSO) to revive diving tourism in the region, continues, FTSO Chairman of the Board Osman Çıralı, in some media related to the project. [more…]

Students will choose the menu at Anadolu University
26 Eskisehir

Students will choose the menu at Anadolu University

Anadolu University, which has carried out pioneering works in many fields in the Turkish higher education system, continues its successful studies with the wide opportunities it offers to its students. Anadolu University, which offers three meals and nutritious menus at student-friendly prices, offers cafeteria services. [more…]

Energy Efficiency Requires Seriousness

Energy Efficiency Needs Seriousness

The 48th Term Board of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers (EMO) made a statement evaluating the energy efficiency and savings proposals of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. “Efficiency” will be ensured by calling for “quick shower in 4 minutes” to citizens. [more…]

Tire Models
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Maintenance and Performance of Tire Models

The wearing down of your tires over the years is the first factor affecting your safety. Therefore, by having your tires, which are the only contact point of your vehicle with the ground, the recommended maintenance, you can use them for a long time and improve performance. [more…]

Work Started for Turkey's First Sustainability Center
35 Izmir

Work Started for Turkey's First Sustainability Center

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started to work to establish Turkey's first sustainability center. A national architectural project competition is being held for the center and its surroundings. Bayraklı The center, which will be located in the Turan District, will be built in 2030 against the climate crisis. [more…]

Asma Bahceler Hosted Russian Architects
35 Izmir

Asma Gardens Hosted Russian Architects

Russian architects, who made investigations in Asma Bahçeler, which is built by Tanyer Yapı in Narlıdere and attracts attention with its different architecture, received information about the application. Architect, civil engineer, urban planner from various cities of Russia [more…]