ekrem yuceden is visiting tuvasasa
54 Sakarya

Ekrem Yüce from TÜVASAŞ

AK Party Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor candidate Ekrem Yüce visited Turkey Wagon Industry A.Ş.. TÜVASAŞ Acting General Manager Ekrem Yüce met with Yakup Karabağ; "TÜVASAŞ Turkey and Sakarya [more…]

tuvasas electrical electronics industry
54 Sakarya

TÜVASAŞ Electric Electronic Process Factory

Mechanical and electrical assembly and cabling of all electrical and electronic equipment of rail vehicles manufactured and repaired at TÜVASAŞ are carried out at TÜVASAŞ Electrical and Electronic Operations Factory. Manufacture or repair of vehicles completed [more…]

new crossover of arifiye completed
54 Sakarya

Arifiye's New Bridge Completed

The 65 meter-long 17-meter bridge was built between Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality and Arifiye Türkçaybaşı and Karaaptiler Neighborhoods. Murat Mutlu said, hem We have shortened the transportation to the city center with the new bridge. [more…]

New Bus Stops in Refreshments in Sakarya
54 Sakarya

New Bus Stations on Renewed Routes in Sakarya

The streets renewed by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality with the slogan Şehir The city is being renewed for you buluş meet modern stops. Fatih Pistil, Head of Transportation Department, stated that 360 modern stops will be brought to the city and that the works will be beneficial. [more…]