logistics star shines with startups
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Star of Logistics Shines with Startups

The logistics industry liked digitalization. Many startups, who saw the needs, entered the sector and carried the manual and paper work to digital. Startups offer services that have not been provided in transportation so far, and digitally executed transactions provide customers with a percentage of 40 [more…]

button was pressed in istanbul
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Channel Pressed in Istanbul

Channel Pressed in Istanbul; The button has been pressed in the Channel Istanbul project, which will be realized with the build-operate-transfer model, which costs 75 billion pounds. The process of the Kanal Istanbul project is accelerating. 28 in the General Directorate of Permit and Inspection of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization [more…]

mraniye Ataşehir Göztepe Subway
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Istanbul Metro International Award

International Award to Istanbul Metro; Built by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Ümraniye-Ataşehir-Göztepe Metro won first prize in the “Infrastructure Design” category at AEC Excellence Awards, one of the world's most important architectural competitions. Award ceremony 19 Autodesk in Las Vegas on November [more…]

historic pasabahce steamer
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Historic Paşabahçe Ferry will be pulled to Haliç in December

Historic Paşabahçe Ferry will be pulled to Haliç in December; While waiting for the day to be a razor blade on the coast of Beykoz, the historical Paşabahçe Ferry, which was transferred back to the City Lines with the initiative of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, will be taken to Haliç Shipyard in December and the maintenance and repair process will be started. After the restoration was completed, the vessel was rebuilt. [more…]

canal istanbul guzergahi
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Channel Istanbul Last Route

Kanal İstanbul Last Route: Kanal İstanbul project will start from Yeniköy, follow Sazlıdere Dam and meet Marmara from Küçükçekmece Lake. While determining the exact route of Kanal Istanbul, where the rumors about the route have been circulated from language to language, geographical conditions are taken into consideration. [more…]

iett bus stop in november surprise
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10 November Surprise at IETT Station

10 November Surprise at IETT Station; Professor Ali Kemal Yiğitoğlu Primary and Secondary School students hung photographs of Atatürk at the IETT station on the anniversary of 10 November. Professor Ali Kemal Yiğitoğlu Primary and Secondary School students within the scope of the project “Our Stops” [more…]

travel information metrobus maps
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Istanbul Metrobus Watches 2019

Istanbul Metrobus Hours: In this news about Metrobus timetables and stops, you can also see the metrobus map, find out which metrobus station is the closest to your destination and the distance to the metrobus stop, the location of the stops. [more…]