Taken into intensive care due to misra oz covid
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Mısra Öz Removed In Intensive Care Due To Covid-19

It was announced that Mısra Öz, who lost his son Arda Sel and his wife Hakan Sel in the Çorlu train accident, was taken to intensive care in the hospital where he was hospitalized due to Covid-19. Mısra Öz Sel, who lost her son and her husband in the train massacre in Çorlu, was taken to intensive care. News [more…]

Akinci pt successfully completed its first flight
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Akıncı PT-3 Successfully Completed Its First Flight

Bayraktar Akıncı Assault Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TİHA) third prototype (Akıncı PT-3) successfully completed its first flight. Baykar Technical Manager Selçuk Bayraktar said in his post on his Twitter account, “We could not keep the Akıncı PT-3 anywhere any longer. Successfully your first flight today [more…]

Suleymanpasa bus terminal construction work is coming to an end
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Construction of Süleymanpaşa Bus Terminal Approaches to End

Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality, which meticulously continues its services, investments and activities throughout Tekirdağ, is preparing to put the Süleymanpaşa Bus Terminal into service in the coming months. Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir, who made examinations at the Süleymanpaşa Bus Terminal, where the construction works are continuing uninterruptedly. [more…]

The third hearing of the corlu train disaster case was held
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7th Hearing of Corlu Train Disaster Trial Held

At the 25th hearing of the Çorlu train massacre case, in which 340 people died and 7 people were injured in the Çorlu district of Tekirdağ, an interim decision was made to file a criminal complaint against high-level officials. The trial was postponed to 7 September. Corlu 1st Heavy [more…]

The first transit cargo set out to bulgaria by train
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First Transit Freight From Tekirdağ to Europe by Train

Turkey's first and largest transit port (Hub Port), which Asiaport, was one of the organizations perform more goals. With its connection to the Medlog Train Station, which became operational in last November, the goods arriving at Asyaport will be transported from Tekirdağ to Europe by rail. It [more…]

Hayrabolu stream bridge construction works started
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Hayrabolu Stream Bridge Construction Works Started

The construction of Hayrabolu Stream Bridge in Hayrabolu district has been started by Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality, which has given great importance to road construction and repair works throughout the province since its establishment in 2014. Bridge project prepared based on 500-year flow rates 32 [more…]

Works continue for the corlu north road project
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Work Continues for Corlu North Road Project

Under the presidency of Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Albayrak, Çorlu Mayor Ahmet Sarıkurt, Metropolitan Municipality Department Heads and Çorlu Municipality managers participated in the `` Çorlu North Road '' project, which is planned to be implemented in order to relieve the traffic of Çorlu district. [more…]