oyak renault received the occupational health and safety award
16 Bursa

Oyak Renault Receives Occupational Health and Safety Award

Oyak Renault was deemed worthy of an award for its "Zero Accident, Zero Error" application in the 'Strong Communication Safe Workplace Good Practice Competition' held within the scope of the Occupational Health and Safety Week activities organized for the 35th time this year by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. [more…]

bursa profesor tezok street will have a modern look
16 Bursa

Bursa Professor Tezok Street Will Have a Modern Look

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is renovating Professor Tezok Street in Yıldırım district, which has been deformed due to its heavy use for years. The street, where all the infrastructure works are completed with the simultaneous operation of the institutions, will have a modern appearance after years. Convenient and comfortable in Bursa [more…]

When will the blackwater port railway end
54 Sakarya

When Will Karasu Adapazarı Railway Line End?

The Chairman of the Executive Board of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Sakarya Provincial Representation, Salim Aydın pointed out that the Karasu Adapazarı Railway line, which turned into a snake story, should be completed as soon as possible. Aydın explained his reasons as follows; "Industrial Facilities Land and [more…]

road renewal works in the district of bursa mudanya accelerated
16 Bursa

Road Renewal Works Accelerated in Bursa Mudanya District

The main streets of Mudanya district, which is the most important gate of Bursa opening to the coast and where heavy traffic is experienced especially in the summer months, is renewed completely with the works carried out by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and the Regional Directorate of Highways. From transportation and traffic in Bursa [more…]

togg warns of social media scams
16 Bursa

TOGG Warns Against Social Media Scams

This time the scammers tried to use the domestic car for their ambitions. TOGG warned against fraudsters claiming that the so-called stocks were put up for sale. Fraudsters came up again with a different scenario. Shares of Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group [more…]

Ford Otosan won an award in a separate branch
41 Kocaeli

Ford Otosan Plants Won 3 Awards in 3 Different Branches

Ford Otosan, the leading company of the Turkish automotive industry, was awarded both in Kocaeli and Eskişehir in the "Strong Communication, Safe Workplace Good Practice Competition", organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security within the scope of the 35th Occupational Health and Safety Week. [more…]

Taksim flowers moved to their new location designed for them
34 Istanbul

Taksim Flowers Moved To Their New Locations Designed For Them

Florists, one of the figures identified with the history of Taksim Square, moved to their new locations designed for them. The florists, who have been serving in Taksim Cumhuriyet Square for more than 80 years in the barracks adjacent to the historical maxem wall, will no longer be affected by the weather conditions. [more…]

Turkish logistics sector is working to get stronger from the pandemic
34 Istanbul

Turkish Logistics Sector Working to Get Out of the Pandemic

I have also stated in our previous articles that foreign trade and logistics are an inseparable whole, therefore, while evaluating the logistics sector, it is necessary to make determinations in parallel with the current situation of our foreign trade. However, while evaluating the year 2020, in our professional life as in our social life [more…]

automotive exports were billion dollars in april
16 Bursa

Turkey's Automotive Export Was 2,5 Billion Dollars In April

The automotive industry, which has been the export champion of the Turkish economy on a sectoral basis for the last 15 years, showed a three-digit increase in April exports due to the base effect. According to Uludağ Automotive Industry Exporters' Association (OİB) data, the Turkish automotive industry was 313 percent in April. [more…]

Istanbul smart city vision discussed
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Smart City Vision Discussed

In the workshop organized by IMM Department of Information Technologies, Smart City Directorate, İPA, BİMTAŞ and EY, more than 200 participants discussed the effective use of technology in the changing city life with the pandemic process. Delivering the opening speech of the workshop, IMM General [more…]

Sakarya new hospital line started to serve
54 Sakarya

Sakarya New Hospital Line Started Service

Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation has established a new hospital line for citizens and healthcare professionals who are exempt from the restriction after the 29-day full closure decision to be implemented between April 17 and May 17. May 3 [more…]

Referendum proposal for saros fsru ship pier
22 Edirne

Referendum Proposal for Saros FSRU Ship Pier

Saros Bay residents called for a public vote for the Saros FSRU Ship Pier, which is under construction between Gökçetepe and Sazlıdere Villages. Emphasizing that the environment should not be sacrificed in order to profit the economy, environmentalists stated that the public should be persuaded. [more…]

Eurasia tunnel saved drivers hourly time
34 Istanbul

Eurasia Tunnel Saved 1 Hour of Time for Drivers

Stating that the Eurasia Tunnel significantly relieved the traffic congestion in Istanbul, Minister Karaismailoğlu said, “The Eurasia Tunnel has saved 1 hour for drivers”. Karaismailoğlu said, “The drivers using the Eurasia Tunnel will save a total of 111 million hours of time and 152 thousand tons of fuel. [more…]