Led Light for Traffic Lights
81 Plain

Led Light for Traffic Lights in Düzce

Düzce Municipality is installing its own production LED lighting system in order to prevent the drivers from being exposed to traffic light rule violations. It is aimed to improve the weaknesses in sight and stopping distances by installing LED lamps in the existing traffic signaling system. By Düzce Municipality, [more…]

Will Düzce Bolu Karabük Samsun YHT Line Be Built?
14 Bolu

Will Düzce Bolu Karabük Samsun YHT Line Be Built?

MHP Düzce Deputy Ümit Yılmaz prepared a parliamentary question regarding whether there is a rail system project planned for the Black Sea region and the plans for the opening of the Düzce-Bolu-Karabük-Samsun high-speed train line. MHP member Yılmaz, who made statements on the subject, said, ”19. [more…]

kamil koc phone numbers
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Kamil Koç Phone Numbers

Kamil Koc Telephone Numbers: Kamil Koc Buses serving since 1926 and is Turkey's oldest road passenger transport company. It is the bus business that keeps customer satisfaction at high levels by meeting customer expectations. Smiling, [more…]

nostalgic tram story
54 Sakarya

Nostalgic Tram Story Shelved in Düzce

The nostalgic tram project of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality brought up the nostalgic tram, which was removed after 2 years in its neighbor Düzce. So what was that nostalgic tram? Medyabar has compiled the story of Nostalgic Tram, which was shelved after 2 years of application in Düzce. Everything [more…]

development of high-speed train hopes
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New Development for Düzce High Speed ​​Train Project

The works that accelerated after the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure gave the green light to the route, which also includes Düzce, was crowned with the report presented to the summit of the state today. Meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at a program held in Istanbul, Düzce University Rector Prof. [more…]

where is the nostalgic tram of the flat
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Where Does Düzce's Nostalgic Tram Go?

Where Does Düzce's Nostalgic Tram Go ?; The tram built by former Mayor of Düzce Mehmet Keleş within the scope of the Istanbul Street Pedestrianization Project was completed by the new Mayor Dr. It became history with Faruk Özlü removing the rails. At the station without properly serving the people of Düzce [more…]

tram line established on istanbul street
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Tram Line Established on Istanbul Street

Düzce Municipality started to work on the reorganization of Istanbul Street. 65th Government Minister of Science, Industry, Technology and Mayor of Düzce Dr. The first step was taken within the scope of the project of reorganizing the Istanbul Street, announced by Faruk Özlü recently. Science Works [more…]

signaling will be made at the junction of fiskobirlik
81 Plain

Signaling to Fiskobirlik Junction

Minister of Science, Industry, Technology and Mayor of Düzce Faruk Özlü, a close working team with traffic jam at certain times of the day Fiskobirlik Junction found in the examinations. In the city center of Duzce, citizens demand and complain [more…]

welded highway wear was opened after months
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TEM Motorway Fused Tolls Opened 4.5 Months Later

The TEM highway connection of Düzce, which is closed, Kaynaslı Highway toll booths were opened to the service of citizens yesterday evening after the completion of the work. The connection junction and bridge works carried out by the Highways at the Kaynaşlı TEM highway connection have been completed. March 15, 2019 [more…]

tem motorway is the end of july
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TEM Motorway Düzce Tolls End of July

Duzce closed TEM highway connection, Gölyaka and Kaynaşlı toll halls did not catch up with the weather due to a new date for the opening. According to the statement made by the regional directorate of highways; Gölyaka and Kaynaşlı toll booths will be opened before the Ramadan holiday. [more…]

the train doesn't give up the train
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Crimeans do not leave the train high!

Düzce Crimean Turks Association, the authorities of Ankara, "High Speed ​​Train We want" call was organized in Düzce. The Crimean Turks who came together in Düzce Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the cultural associations operating in Düzce informed the guests first and then [more…]

duzcede istanbul street
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Istanbul Street Opened to Vehicle Traffic in Düzce

Istanbul Street, which was closed to vehicle passage within the scope of the 'Pedestrianization Project' about 1.5 years ago, was opened to traffic this morning, not to be closed again. Düzce Mayor Dursun Ay, whom we received information on the subject by phone, with the decision of the Provincial Traffic Commission [more…]