dynamic junction signaling starts at caravan junction
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Dynamic Junction Signaling Begins at Caravan Junction

Artificial intelligence cameras of the smart signaling system are being tested in the improvement project at the Kervan Junction, which is one of the most heavily trafficked points in Düzce. As a result of the measurements and analyzes, the traffic density according to the traffic density. [more…]

caravan roundabout improvement project begins
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Kervan Intersection Improvement Project Starts

The "Caravan Junction Improvement Project", which will relieve the traffic jam at the Caravan Junction, has come to an end. With the works to be started after the Ramadan Feast, the new pockets and smart signaling system will take the traffic load at the intersection. [more…]

Led Light for Traffic Lights
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Led Light for Traffic Lights in Düzce

Düzce Municipality is installing its own LED lighting system so that drivers are not exposed to traffic light rule violations. By placing led lamps in the existing traffic signaling system, the weaknesses in visibility and stopping distances are eliminated. [more…]

Kamil Koç Bursa Contact and Phone Numbers
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Kamil Koç Phone Numbers

Kamil Koç Phone Numbers : Kamil Koç Buses have been serving since 1926 and are Turkey's oldest road passenger transportation company. By meeting customer expectations and ensuring customer satisfaction at high levels [more…]

nostalgic tram story
54 Sakarya

Nostalgic Tram Story Shelved in Düzce

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality's nostalgic tram project brought up the nostalgic tram, which was removed after 2 years of implementation in its neighbor Düzce. So what was that nostalgic tram? Medyabar was shelved after being implemented in Düzce for 2 years. [more…]

where is the nostalgic tram of the flat
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Where Does Düzce's Nostalgic Tram Go?

Where Does Düzce's Nostalgic Tram Go?; The tram, built by the former Mayor of Düzce, Mehmet Keleş, within the scope of the Istanbul Street Pedestrianization Project, is the new Mayor Dr. It became history when Faruk Özlü dismantled the rails. Properly [more…]

tram line established on istanbul street
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Tram Line Established on Istanbul Street

Düzce Municipality started to work on the reorganization of Istanbul Street. 65. Government Minister of Science, Industry, Technology and Düzce Mayor Dr. Within the scope of the reorganization of Istanbul Street project announced by Faruk Özlü recently. [more…]

signaling will be made at the junction of fiskobirlik
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Signaling to Fiskobirlik Junction

Minister of Science, Industry, Technology and Mayor of Düzce Faruk Özlü, a close working team with traffic jam at certain times of the day Fiskobirlik Junction found in the examinations. Düzce Municipality in the city center [more…]

tem motorway is the end of july
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TEM Motorway Düzce Tolls End of July

Duzce closed TEM highway connection, Gölyaka and Kaynaşlı toll booths due to the weather opposition was given a new date for the opening. According to the statement made by the Regional Directorate of Highways; Gölyaka and Kaynasli booths [more…]